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If the deal has been approved by a lender and you have signed paperwork and then driven the veicle off the lot they can not unwind the deal. Their mistake they have to eat it if you are delivered in the vehicle. Unless you signed something giving them recourse (usually dealers have forms for salvage title vehicles that allow them to unwind the deal if they discover salvage/branded title)If they just misbooked the trade and made the mistake it's their problem. As long as you didn't misrepresent the trade you should be fine.

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Q: Can a RV dealer back out on a trade once all papers signed and check axcepted and cashed by dealer if he later sees he made a mistake on trade-in value?
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Can you return a new car if the dealer made a mistake on the contract?

You can return a new car if the dealer made a mistake on the contract depending on the type of mistake. If the dealer place the wrong vehicle on the contract, you could return the vehicle.

What do you do when a dealer sends you a clean title to a car you didn't pay for?

I would contact the dealer because it could be a mistake

Can a car dealer ask for more money a week later due to their mistake and for us to sign a new contract after we paid in full with a check that they cashed the next day?

Sure the dealer can ask for more money and you can refuse. Tell them a deal is a deal, and you expect them to honor the contract they signed. You payed them and hopefully you are in possession of the car. If so, I see nothing they can do, until you come back for service. Then they may try to recoup their loss. So be aware of that. If they made an honest mistake and it is very little money I would make it right if it were me. But legally I think you do not have to. Your decision.

Can a used car contract be changed if the dealer messed up the paperwork?

A used car contract can be changed if the dealer messed up the paperwork depending on the type of mistake made on the sale. In some cases you will need to provide proof that a mistake was made and take this to court.

Can car dealer cancel contract because a mistake was made on price?

Probably not. They wrote and signed it, they are bound by it too.

How do you trade car not paid?

The dealer will pay off the loan but it t will cost you a fortune by a low tradein price and the dealer refinancing the original loan payoff. Don't do it. You can come out much better by finding a buyer yourself and paying off the loan with some of the proceeds. You are in a much better position to make a better deal or get a discount on the next car you want with more cash in your pocket. This can be a big bucks difference depending on the value of your car and the amount you owe.

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What to do about car paid off by mistake by dealer and you have title?

What are you expecting us to say? That you can keep it? You know the right thing to do you greedy dishonest loser

If a dealer makes a mistake on a car contract are they responsible for the mistake?

If you signed it you are bound to it, even if you didn't read it beforehand. If you haven't signed it then they are responsible for fixing the mistake before you sign it if they still want your business. If you signed it and later came to a problem where you realized the contract was ambiguous it will work to your advantage under the rule of contra proferentum.

You buy a car from a dealer for cash and he messes up and doesnt charge you enough both of you sign the contract can he take the car back?

The dealer cannot take the car back legally. It is their mistake and they will have to absorb the costs or mistakes that they made in the paperwork.

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How can you shell your own car?

I think you might have made a mistake and you might have meant sell. All you have to do is get hooked up with a car dealer and ka-bam! There you have your answer

The dealer made a mistake on your vehicle contract and charged you for something that was supposed to be free what do you do?

You're screwed. You fell for the oldest trick in the book. You pay for what ever is on that contract, not for what he said.

Bought used car from a dealer but the mileage on the dashover 170000 is not the same as the mileage on the bill 140000 Can I get my money back for they having the false mileage on the vehicle?

you can talk to the used car dealer, and bring up the issue KINDLY, and inform him/her that there was a mistake somewhere along the line, and you felt misled. from there, it goes by what he/she and you say.

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It could be a planchet flaw or it may have been altered. Take to a dealer or collector for an assessment.

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