Can a Service member be Administrative Discharge if the service member is has injuries that prevent him from conducting physical training when he is overweight?

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Is a military service member required to call a civilian Sir?

No, but they are required to conduct themselves in a manner that does not bring discredit to the military. When dealing with government officials and employees, they should use Sir, the individuals may very well outrank them. The use of Sir is easy and there are few that would find it objectionable. ( Full Answer )

What do Congress members get for their services?

A life-time salary for one. . A life-time salary for one. . A life-time salary for one. . A life-time salary for one. . A life-time salary for one. . A life-time salary for one.

Who tells the family if a military service member dies?

Generally, the branch will send a military chaplain (or priest) tothe residence of the family (generally the spouse). In rare cases, the serviceman's commanding officer may also fulfillthe responsibility.

What do pentecostal members wear during church services?

Ha hah ha hhha aaahhahahahaha. we accept everyone as they are .. the Lord provides the clothes we wear ... from jeans to a suit and tie ..come clean with respect and you will be treated like a king ..Because ... you His creation is where He RESIDES ...

Do active duty service members have the right to political protest?

Service members have the right to attend political protests, however, in doing so they are restricted to attending as a person as opposed to a representative for the force under which they serve. For example, it's fine for an Army service member to attend a political rally, so long as he/she is n ( Full Answer )

Where do Catholic members gather for services?

They gather in a church or a cathedral. The 'service' you speak of is called a mass. Catholics do not use (nor prefer) the term 'service'. :)\n. \nSpecifically where they meet can be found on this web site:\n. \\n. \nOn here, you can get the location of practically any church in ( Full Answer )

If you call child services on a family member do you get the child?

No, they usually go into the system, if warranted. That's correct, but you can also go to family court to petition for custody. Or if the child has already been removed, get in touch with the court/attorneys/caseworker to make it be known that you would like to be considered as a resource for the ( Full Answer )

What does member service mean?

It refers to the perks or special deals you get as a member of a particular group. You usually need to pay dues to the group to get these "member services".

Who sets pay for civil service members?

The governing body responsible for the civil service, and therefore the respective members. Usually it is divided into the 3 branches of government. Also depends on jurisdictions in which the "civil service members" are attached to.

Can a former us service member join a foreign militaries?

If they'll accept foreign volunteers, yes. Offhand, I know the Israeli Mahal and French Foreign Legion do, but most militaries do not accept foreigners into their ranks. In another instance of a similar question being asked, it was answered that one might lose their US citizenship status if they s ( Full Answer )

Can a prior service member with felony conviction reenlist?

You really need to direct this question to a recruiter. The nature of your felony conviction alone could determine whether or not you'd be able to, although you need to be prepared to accept the possibility that the answer will be no. But the recruiter is just a phone call away, and they're the ones ( Full Answer )

How do you be a member of the secret service?

You apply for a job. They have vacancies that they want to fill and need people with a large variety of skills. Their web page (see the related links) says to please contact the Secret Service Recruitment Program at 202-406-5830, or TTY 202-406-5390 if you have questions. They also offer internshi ( Full Answer )

What qualifies a service member to become a VFW?

You must be enlisted in a service branch for the full enlistment, be on foreign soil in a time of war, either in combat or not. Stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. Vietnam, Korea, Middle east, etc. Look in your local phone book under veterans services.

Are secret service members civilian?

Yes - In the sense that ALL non-military law enforcement personnel are civilians, the Secret Service is a branch f the Treasury Department, they are not part of the military. Added for clafification: Members of the law enforcement community will, among themselves, oftentimes make reference to " ( Full Answer )

What do service members need to privately transfer firearms?

Yours is a VERY broad question. In the US, a service member stationed in a state other than his home is considered a resident of the state where he is stationed for the purpose of acquiring a firearm. When purchasing a firearm, he will need to comply with state and local laws at his location. He wil ( Full Answer )

What is the toll-free number for Aetna Member Services?

AETNA does offer a toll-free number for clients and it can usuallybe found on the back of your AETNA card. If you are unable tolocate it, you can call 1-800-US-AETNA 7 AM to 7 PM EST to speakwith someone.

What are three Aetna member services?

"Aetna offers a great deal of member services. But, according to what I have discovered, the three main Aetna Member Services are tips, email addresses and live help details."

What type of goods and services do members in the EU trade?

There would be far too many to mention, but they would cover a widerange of categories. Things like food, drink, machinery, cars,computers, financial services, engineering, software, clothing,furniture, building materials and a vast amount of other things. There would be far too many to mention, bu ( Full Answer )

What services does Placebo have for members?

According to research Placebo is a music band, and its website offers their followers news and tour dates, articles, discography, and other updates on its band members.

Where can one get aetna member service?

If one is a member of Aetna there are a few options available to access member service. In order to access member services by phone one would need an ID card and refer to the number listed on the card. There is also the option to use their secure "Contact Us" form on their site.

What services does Doctorsnet offer its members?

They provide an online network of doctors that also include emails, an interactive forum, online training, medical podcast and access to online medical textbooks.