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Can a Sprint phone be used on a prepaid plan?

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dose a sprint phone have a prepaid phone, casue I tried to lok, on online n I can't find any.

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Can a sprint phone be used as a prepaid?

Mail it in

Where can you buy sprint prepaid phone cards?

Sprint retailers will sell the prepaid phone cards. These can be used in a variety of ways and for different amounts of money.

can the blackberry storm and the VU be used on a prepaid plan?

You can use any phone you like with a prepaid plan but, you must purchase the phone first then add the plan.

Can a AT and T phone be used with sprint plan?

No, AT&T Phones are not compatible with Sprint service.

Could you get a cingular phone and have a plan from sprint?

No. Cingular/AT&T use the GSM network and Sprint uses CDMA. A Verizon phone could be used with a Sprint plan but Verizon customer service will have to give an unlock code.

Can you use a tmobile prepaid sim card in a non prepaid phone?

I belive so, I used to have T Mobile and bought a prepaid phone and activated it with a monthly even more plus plan.

What cell phone company in the US has a cell phone plan that can be used to call Ghana?

Verizon wireless, Sprint, and ATT

Benefits of Cheap Prepaid Cell Phone Plans?

Cheap prepaid phone plans can be bought at nearly every electronic or cell phone store. Prepaid cell phone plans allow you to buy a certain amount of minutes within a month for a low price. Some cheap prepaid cell phone plans can be bought at a fraction of what it cost for a contract plan. Many cell phone providers allow you to keep your current number when starting a plan and provide great deals on cell phone that can be used for prepaid plans.

Can the Sanyo Juno be used on a contract-free plan?

Yes, the Sanyo Juno can be used on a contract-free plan. However, in order to use all of the capabilities you have to invest in a data plan. The phone is available as a prepaid phone.

What plans are available for the Chocolate phone from Verizon?

You can have the Chocolate phone on the Share Everything plan with up to 10 devices, 25 devices for businesses. It can also be used for the prepaid plan as well. Data plan is not required.

What kind of plan is used with an ATandT GoPhone?

The AT&T GoPhone uses a prepaid phone plan. The GoPhone prepaid plan allows users to refill airtime by purchasing prepaid cards from various retailers. Another option to refill airtime is to purchase refill packages from AT&T's refill site for the GoPhone.

Can a prepaid phone card be used from a cell phone?

It depends if the cell phone is a prepaid phone with the same carrier as the card provider. If the answer is no, then my answer is no.

Can the palm pre be used as a prepaid phone?

Can the palm pre be prepaid

Can you use a Verizon prepaid phone on your existing contract plan if your regular Verizon phone breaks?

I was able to use my verizon prepaid phone when my contract phone stopped working. I only used it as a temporary until the new phone arrived via fed ex. However, tech support did tell me that the only way they could use the prepaid phone is if it had been activated within the prior 6 months. Which it was. So I guess it depends how long it has been since you have used the prepaid phone.

does at&t offer prepaid phone plans?

Yes AT&T does offer prepaid phone plans. But most of the phones now require a data service plan that is separate from the plan. The data service is used to search the web and many of the phones require internet use for their operation.

Can the Verizon voyager be used as a prepaid phone?

it cant be prepaid. i called Verizon to try and make it prepaid but its to smart to be prepaid.

Can all T-Mobile phones be used on their prepaid plans?

A prepaid plan can usually be carried over to an existing phone or new phone of the carrier. T-Mobile phones can be switched over easily by yourself or a professional.

Is boost part of sprint?

can i buy a sprint used is a boost phone

Can i buy a phone from a prepaid carrier and use the phone without its service?

No. The fact it is prepaid makes it used only by that carrier.

What are the benefits of a sprint cell phone plan compared with other phone companies?

After extensive research regarding the benefits of Sprint cell phone plans over other phone companies has shown that they are the only company that offers truly unlimited data. Other companies have a cap on the amount of data that can be used on a plan before additional charges will be added.

Pay As You Go Vs. Cell Phone Prepaid Plans?

There is some confusion regarding what cell phone prepaid plans actually are. Particularly, they are often confused with the related concept of pay as you go plans. In reality, these two plans are not necessarily the same thing. A cell phone prepaid plan is a plan in which you pay for your minutes before you use them. A pay as you go plan means that you pay for each individual minute, rather than a bundle of minutes. A prepaid plan can either be used to buy a bundle of minutes, or to pay for a specific number of minutes at a specific rate for each minute. The primary selling point of prepaid plans is that they do not allow you to go over your minutes. However, many prepaid plans actually do have overage minutes if you purchase bundles of minutes instead of pay as you go minutes, so the advantages of prepaid plans over other options are not necessarily all that great. In reality, it simply depends on how often the phone is used, and which specific plan you sign up for.

Can a prepaid Verizon phone be used with your Verizon plan?

yes all you have to do is switch it over!!.. duh Really? As of June 2011, you must use a prepaid non-smart phone for 6 months before it can be converted to contract use. Call Verizon at 611.

Where can I get cheap cell phone deals for prepaid phones?

I would recommend getting an AT&T prepaid plan. I was able to get unlimited talk and text for $2 a day, and it charges only on days when the phone is actually used. All other days are totally free.

Is there any way to reprogram a Sprint used cellular phone for use on a Verizon cellular plan?

It is possible to operate a spring phone on a verizon network. This depends on the actual model of phone to do so.

How can the word 'prepaid' be used in a sentence?

Prepaid means that you paid for something before you used it. This is most often used to refer to phone cards (credit cards specifically designed to be used to pay a telephone bill). You can also prepay at a gas station. Here are some sentences.He bought a prepaid phone card.Your bill must be prepaid.

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