Can a Sunni Muslim marry a shia Muslim?

Answer 1

They are both Muslims. What applies to any Muslim couple to marry, per religion and community practices and cultures, applies also to them.

Answer 2

within Allah's (SW) eyes there are no distinctions or differences between a king or begger or a Sunni Muslim or Shia Muslim. it is a terrible thing that there is these distinctions within the Islamic community but getting back to you question. Honestly there might be hesitance on your parents and his parents and your respective communities and know that there are differences in some of shia and sunni practices.

this question is a difficult one to answer since i believe there really isn't anything saying that a Muslim cannot marry another Muslim regardless of what sect of Islam they are from but sadly some cultures do not accept this.

my best advice really would be to you to talk to your parents and him

in the the meanwhile try the link below though a little confusing to navigate this site is truly remarkable as one can ask a question about islam and get thorough and great advice from professionals who are islamic scholars. A sunni Muslim can not marry a shia Muslim,because it causes more conflict between them.Even though they are both Muslims it can cause lots of family issues.

Answer 3

Sure they can. There is no problem of licit marriage among Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims. Both Islamic sects differ in minor side issue. They both believe in same God, recite same Quran, and perform same praying, fasting, alms giving, pilgrimage. They believe in same prophet; Muhammad (peace be upon him. They both believe in the Resurrection Day, in Hell and Paradise, in angels, in God holy books, in God other prophets, and in God destiny. The differences between Shia Muslims and Sunnis Muslims are not like the differences between the Catholics and Orthodox Christians although many Orthodox and Catholics marry licitly among themselves.