Can a Sunni girl marry a Shia boy?

Answer 2

Yes you can. Though there might be some differences, but if you can work it out and compromise then why not? It is actually makrooh to be labeled as sunni/shia. Do not listen to those who say no. Don't let them ruin your chance with someone you love and someone who is pious.


Yes, of course. They are both Muslims. A Sunni girl can marry a Shia boy and A Shia girl can marry a Sunni boy.

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Answer 1

Within Allah's (SW) eyes there are no distinctions or differences between a king or begger or between a Sunni Muslim and a Shia Muslim. It is a terrible thing that there is these distinctions within the Islamic community, and there might be hesitance on your parents and his parents and your respective communities if she was to marry a Shia.