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Can a us citizen marry a person who has a expired student visa?

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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

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Q: Can a US citizen legally marry a person who is in the country with a tourist visa but a tourist visa has expired for years?
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Can a US citizen legally marry an Indian citizen on a tourist visa in the US?


Can US citizen marry a person whose tourist visa expired?

No, the person is now considered to be within the U.S. illegally and he or she will have to return to their country of origin voluntarily or be deported.

Can a US citizen legally marry an Indonesian citizen on a tourist visa in the US if already married abroad?

No- that is considered bigamy.

How long does it take when your tourist visa has expired and you're married to a US citizen?

How long does what take? You need to be a bit more specific.

How does a US citizen legally marry a Mexican who has a valid tourist visa?

A US citizen who wants to marry a Mexican with a tourist visa may do so in the state in which the US citizen resides. The Mexican national needs only to provide a valid ID; a Mexican passport will do.

You have a tourist visa that is valid. But you got a student visa after your tourist visa and that has expired. Is your tourist visa still valid?

Each country will be different so this depends. In Canada your tourist visa would still be valid.

If someone entered the US legally on a tourist visa but it expired years ago will they qualify for Amnesty if the US grants another Amnesty period?


Do a British citizen can get married to a tourist?

is a british citizen can get maried to a tourist visa in the uk

What happens if you are married to a US citizen but overstayed your tourist visa and lost your I-94?

If you are married to a US citizen but your tourist visa is expired and you lost your I-94, you should immediately apply for a new visa or return to your country. Your I-94 is filed electronically, and you can get a new copy from the Department of Homeland Security. If you don't take action yourself, you may end up being deported and not allowed to return.

You run a small company how can you sponsor your daughter's boyfriend so he can be legal he has an expired tourist visa?

The answer to this will depend on which country you are living in.

What is antonym of citizen?


What is the definition of tourist?

A tourist is a person that travels in a place or country with a purpose to enjoy the scenery or experience its culture. And if a tourist wants to get married to a native citizen, he/she will have to undergo a lot of examinations and interviews.

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