Can a US citizen sue an illegal immigrant in small claims court?

The answer is anyone can sue anyone in court for any reason - the question is, who is liable and can you collect if you win. I am a US Citizen and was sued by an illegal alien. They have the right to do so under the 14th Amendment. They sue for liability and they can win. Their immigration status does not come into play...why? because our country allows people to come here and visit and have protection under the constitution. The fact they are illegal plays no part UNLESS their status of living and working here comes into play. If an illegal sues their company for damages due to an injury, they can get reimbursed for liability, however, they cannot support a claim for lost wages since they are here illegally. Thus employers who employ illegals are at risk of loosing everything and if they win for liability, they can be deported for violating Immigration Laws. But, if you walk down the street and punch an illegal in the head and break his neck, his employment does not come into play and if he sues and wins - your screwed.