Can a auto company run your credit without permission?

== == A credit reporting company may not provide your credit report to any party that lacks a permissible purpose, such as the evaluation of an application for a loan, credit, service, or employment. Permissible purposes also include several business and legal uses.

Anyone with what is considered a permissible purpose can look at your report. These companies, groups, and individuals include:

* Potential lenders

* Landlords

* Insurance companies

* Employers and potential employers (usually only with your written consent)

* Companies you allow to monitor your account for signs of identity theft

* Some groups considering your application for a government license or benefit

* A state or local child support enforcement agency

* Any government agency (although they may be allowed to view only certain portions)

* Someone who uses your credit report to provide a product or service you have requested

* Someone that has your written authorization to obtain your credit report

For helpful information on credit, you might want to check out this website: It's provided by Equifax. It's created for the general public and it's pretty easy to read. I would definitely recommend it.

Hope that helps!