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Unfortunately yes. It can result from incomplete development of the lungs (as in premature births) or from perforation during birth. It can be a life-threatening condition but in many cases is treatable.


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A collapsed lung is a serious condition.

atelectasis can result in aartially or totally collapsed lung

If dog has collapsed lung can it survive without operation? What needs to be done to a dog with a collapsed lung?

As long as it is medically treated as soon as pssible, it should be fine.

Collapsed Lung - band - was created in 1992.

Collapsed Lung - band - ended in 1996.

What does a asymmetry caused by a collapsed lung look like

It can be (collapsed buildings, collapsed lung, collapsed economy). It is the past participle of the verb "to collapse."

A collapsed lung occurs when air builds up between the chest wall and the lung, making breathing painful because the lung will not be able to expand.

A collapsed lung is not functional because it can not fill up with air, and in turn cannot filter the oxygen out of it.

People who are healing from a collapsed lung should not exercise. They should stay calm and relaxed and not get over excited.

perhaps this question should read "What is a collapsed lung?"

A collapsed lung is caused by air collecting in the space around your lungs. The lung cannot expand as it normally does due to the pressure caused from the buildup of air.

A collapsed lung can occur after any injury. Chronic lung disease can also contribute to your lungs collapsing, as well as procedures that are preformed on the lungs.

All of these can cause it: cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD, lung infection in the lungs can also cause a collapsed lung. And, of course, trauma.

Yes, but best not to its unsafe

A trapped lung is an under inflated or collapsed lung. It has been done but your transplant team can best advise you.

Like a knife jabbing into your lung like a stitch. Not extremely painful but very uncomfortable.

Yes. Oxygen Saturation should be above or equal to 95 percent in a normal adult (without a collapsed lung), so between 91-95 is acceptable.

same as a human put in a chest drain the empty the blood out allowing to lung to inflate by it's self

It can rupture the pleural cavity and cause a collapsed lung.

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