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Can a baby get constipated if a women on her period hold the baby?

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No. They are two nonrelated physiological processes. No chemical transfer is possible.

women cannot be on their period when pregnant

2011-09-12 14:36:40
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Q: Can a baby get constipated if a women on her period hold the baby?
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women hold the sperm to produce a baby.

How long do women hold a baby?

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Yes, of course it's safe to hold a baby of three months while on your period. There's absolutely no reason what-so-ever to think that you couldn't.

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Yes, a baby nurse will get to hold the babies that she cares for. The baby nurse will hold the baby to feed, bathe, clothe, and comfort them.

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What so you do when babies get constipated?

Purchase some glycerine suppositories. Hold them in place, following the instructions on the package. Usually quite effective.

When will a baby be able to hold its head up on its own?

Varies from baby to baby.

Can you hold someone else's baby while on your period?

Of course you can hold someone else's baby while you're on your period.Menstruation does not stop you from doing anything that you would do normally. There are many myths surrounding menstruation and what people can do while menstruating, but they're all just that - myths. A menstruating person cannot harm anyone or any thing on her period.

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