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Yes, if proper care is taken

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Q: Can a baby survive if it is born at 30 weeks?
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Can a baby survive at 30 weeks?


Can a fetus survive if born at 30 weeks?

Yep, my friend survived at 24 weeks

Would your baby survive at 30 weeks?

Very high chance of survival, yes.

What feature on a baby is visible at 30 weeks that was not before?

you grow hair at 30 weeks which was not there before 30 weeks

What is the percentage of babies that survive at 29 weeks?

My best friend just had her baby at 30 weeks and he came out 3lbs 2oz and is doing very well. Your baby might have to stay in the NICU for awhile though Good luck!

Are wolf cubs born with teeth?

Wolf pups are not born with teeth. But they will develop deciduous teeth or (baby teeth) after three or four weeks. They have about 28 baby teeth. They will loose their baby teeth between 14 and 30 weeks.

If a baby was born at 30 weeks what problems could it have?

It could die or have seriously bad brain problem.

What is your baby weight at 30 weeks?

1.4 kgs

How long can a baby survive if its born in 30 weeks?

well that depends if put in intensive care it probably will survive if it has muscular it will lower the chances greatlly to about 70% of surviving and i had problems with my veins so it was a 50% chance of me living but i suvived so if in intensive care the it will all most definitely will survive but if not then probably not

Average baby weights at 30 weeks?

About three pounds! Here is a look at what your baby looks like!

How long does it take a tiger to be born?

a tiger has a baby in its womb for about 16 weeks and it takes about 30 seconds - 1 and a half minutes to be born.

Can a baby hear a concert at 30 weeks pregnancy?


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