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Check the Idle Air Control (IAC) and the EGR valve. Either one or both might need cleaning.

It can. But it could also be a number of other things. My car recently had this problem, but it turned out to be a firing problem and not the converter. so i'd say have all the cheeper stuff checked first.

Check all vacuum hoses. You should be able to hear the hiss.

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Q: Can a bad catalytic converter cause a '97 F150 to hesitate and shake as if it is going to stall while idling?
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Will a catalytic converter cause car to shut off while idling?

No, very doubtful.

What would cause 1999 dodge neon to sputter and hesitate starting out and in between gears replacing transmission did not solve?

Check the catalytic converter for leaks.

Would no catalytic converter cause backfire?

Having no catalytic converter installed is illegal and can cause a myriad of problems. Probably not a backfire though.

Can burning antifreeze cause the catalytic converter to go?

Yes, internal coolant consumption can damage a catalytic converter.

Can a catalytic converter cause the EGR valve to go bad?

No, the catalytic converter is downstream from the EGR valve so it has no effect on it.

Can catalytic converter cause a knocking sound?


Could a faulty catalytic converter cause defrost system not to work properly?

No, the catalytic converter has nothing whatsoever to do with your defrost system.

Can a bad catalytic converter cause hard starts?

A bad catalytic converter can cause hard starts if it has become clogged. This produces excessive back pressure in the engine.

Can a catalytic converter cause engine loss of power?


Can antifreeze coolant cause damage to catalytic converter?

yes it can

Can a broken catalytic converter cause high oil consumption?


Can a bad catalytic converter damage the ignition coils or a bad ignition coil can cause to catalytic to go bad on a ford expedition?

A bad coil can damage a converter. If the engine is misfiring, it will cause raw fuel to get into the converter and that can cause failure.

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