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No, that's usually either the caliper or a corroded slide. It is also possible that a faulty proportioning valve could do this. Also, in ABS equipped vehicles, some part of the ABS system's valving or controller may be faulty.

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Q: Can a bad master cylinder cause one front sticking caliper?
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What is the cause of front brakes sticking on a dodge ram van?

This could be caused from the closing off of the flex line or a bad caliper or a bad master cylinder

Why does brake caliper still lock up after replacing it?

You've either got a bad Brake hose or bad master cylinder. Both these things can cause a caliper to stick.

Front brake caliper sticking?

If the front brake caliper is sticking, the disc may be uneven. Brakes that are left to scrape on the disc for a long time before they are changed will damage the disc enough to cause sticking or slipping.

What would cause the brakes of a1997 Chevy s10 4x4 lose brake fluid?

A rotted brake line, a leaky front caliper, a leaky rear wheel cylinder, a leaky master cylinder,

94 Jeep Wrangler Sahara clutch pedal is sticking in the up position and sporadically will not depress what could cause this?

It was the clutch master cylinder. It finally went completely out. I checked the slave cylinder, it looked and operated ok, so I assumed it was the master cylinder, I replaced it, it works now.

2003 dodge ram 2500 diesel braking problems put new brake pads and calipers and bleed brakes but still have brakes sticking while driving checked brake line and no obvious restrictions any help?

Perhaps a bad master cylinder--return plugged or restricted As friction develops at rotors brake fluid expands and pushes back into master cylinder if return is restricted, expanded fluid will cause caliper piston to put pressure on rotor, essentially applying the brakes NOTE: I had same problem with front left and it was the Caliper, had to rebuild the caliper

What could cause the front right brake to not completely release after taking your foot off the brake?

Caliper sticking - take off caliper and try to push back piston into the caliper bore (if possible with the bleeder open) Flex hose restricted -Remove from caliper, take lid off of master cylinder and see if fluid runs out at a good pace (don't let it go empty) Pads stuck in caliper hardware - remove caliper and make sure pads move freely. Calipers may act different from hot to cold, when does it not release? Check it when its acting up.

I have 1997 cavalier the rear brake is grabbing what could cause this?

The caliper is probably sticking. With the car jacked up and on a jack stand and the wheel removed, see if you can turn the caliper. You can probably see what's sticking this way.

What will cause a brake caliper to stick on a 1993 goe tracker?

Try Changing the Brake Hose. They Rot On The Inside And Restrict The Flow Of Brake Fluid Back To The Master Cylinder. GOOD LUCK

Why do brake shoes wear unevenly?

The main cause of uneven wearing brake shoes is a sticking or stuck caliper. Check to see if the caliper is releasing properly all the time.

The caliper on my Ford Windstar will not - retract what wrong is with it?

One cause is that the cylinder the caliper piston moves in has scores - grooves worn in the cylinder walls that the edge of the piston is catching on. One of the easiest approaches would be to replace the caliper with a remanufactured / rebuilt one.

What is wrong when car loses power and smell like its burning?

The most common cause is one or more of the brake calipers is not releasing from discs properly causing excessive friction. It smells like hot metal and is often confused with the smell of hot electrical wiring. This is caused by a faulty master cylinder, or the piston in the caliper is sticking (happened to me last week).

What to do when put power-steering fluid in your mastercylnder?

Your in a bit of trouble here. Power steering fluid will cause the seals in your brake master cylinder, calipers, and wheel cylinders to swell up. The system will definitely need to be flushed out. Remove the lid to your master cylinder open a can of brake fluid and turn it upside down while sticking it on the opening of yoru master cylinder. Much like the bottle of water on an office water cooler. Then go to each wheel and open the caliper and wheel cylinder bleeders. The fluid in your brake sytem will flush out emptying the container of brake fluid into your brake system. Do this a couple times and don't let the master cylinder run dry or you will get air in your brake lines. This may still be too late if the p/s fluid has damaged your seals. If your pedal dose not feel perfect take it to a garage

What would cause the brakes to go out on a 91 jeep Cherokee with abs there are no leaks in the lines.?

Failed Master Cylinder would be my guess. Replace the Master Cylinder.

What does it mean when there is fluid dripping from the master cylinder and the petal goes all the way to the floor?

It means your master cylinder needs to be replaced or rebuilt. The seals inside the cylinder can go bad and cause this to happen.

90 Chrysler New Yorker brake fluid squirts out of front master cylinder reservoir no leaks in stystem no brake pedal at all what is the cause?

Bad master cylinder.

Why is there a rubbing noise coming from the driver's side front brakes?

sounds like your brake caliper is sticking. This would cause the pads to be in constant contact with the rotor.

Brake peddle hard but goes down slowly?

Air in a brake line or a bad master cylinder could cause this. Bleed the brake lines if you have been working on any brake cylinder. If this happened without any warning, the master brake cylinder is probably the cause and should be replaced.

1991 Pontiac grand am stalls even after master cylinder replaced?

The brake master cylinder has nothing to do with the way the car runs. It certainly wouldn't cause it to stall.....Maybe the brake booster?

What would cause a moaning noise in the front drivers side wheel on a 1999 dodge durango?

I had the same issue and it turned out to be that the break caliper was sticking and needing replacing.

Can a leaking master or slave cylinder cause a car not to turn over in a manual transmission car?


Is a small amount of power steering fluid mixed in with the brake fluid harmful?

Yes. It will cause the seals to swell up in the master cylinder. This will cause a loss of braking. You need to remove the fluid and flush out the master cylinder(with clean brake fluid) immediatly.

Does a bad master cylinder cause brakes to stay on?

Not usually. It is possible for the mater cylinder get suck in the apply position, but the brake pedal would not return to the up position after stopping. A more common problem for the brakes to be stuck applied is a locked wheel cylinder or brake caliper, or a jambed parking brake. These issues will be at one or more of the wheels, so check there if your brake pedal is at normal height.

Why does brake pedal go to the floor?

Normally this is caused by a Master Cylinder that has failed. Replace the Master Cylinder. Normally this is caused by the loss of fluid in the brake system. The fluid reservoir needs to be checked first. It possibly may be caused by a bad master cylinder but the most common cause is loss of brake fluid.

We just replaced our brake pads yesterday. Today we noticed brake fluid leaking from the left front side. What is causing this?

Expanding the calipers (when you put in new brake pads) can cause the master cylinder reservoir to overflow. Before attempting to perform repairs, make certain it isn't simply leaking out of the master cylinder reservoir. HOWEVER... If it's leaking at the left front wheel, you'll probably need to replace the caliper. Sometimes a hydraulic cylinder, such as the caliper cylinder, can become pitted and when the rubber seal of the piston crosses the pitted surface it can leak brake fluid. Simple answer, find out where it's leaking, it may be nothing, it may be something to repair.