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A bank can take the money you have held in its accounts if you owe it money. Even in a bankruptcy, you need to pull any money out of the banks you owe money to.

NO, unless you give them permission to in the contract. I don't rem the term for it,its not vey common. That's why you have to actually READ the fine print in the contract you sign.

Unless it is in the contract they can not do it..If they had a judgment that would be a different story. Then what they would have to do is, get a order of execution against the account then they would be able to take they money..actually the court officer would go and take its fee, and then take all the money from your account and freeze the account for 30 days....Bank levy....

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Q: Can a bank freeze all your bank accounts after a repossession?
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Can a bank freeze all your bank accounts?

Yes. The government can even freeze your offshore bank accounts if the money is illegal.

Can a judgment freeze bank accounts at more than one bank?

Yes. A Judgment involving a person would freeze all the bank accounts held by that person. For example, if X is involved in embezzlement charges (he stole money from his company worth $50,000) and the company finds out and charges him with that in court. If the court convicts him, he is bound to repay all the money to the company. So let us say he has 3 bank accounts with 3 different banks, the court will freeze all 3 accounts and instruct the bank to pay the money that is available in them to compensate for the $50,000 he stole from his company.

If you bank with Bank A and file bankruptcy and have credit cards with Bank A should you move to a different bank?

It would depend on the banks policy. Some banks will freeze all accounts you hold with them, whether the have credit facilities or not, e.g. Savings accounts you hold for your children.

In North Carolina can a law firm representing a credit card company freeze bank accounts?

Yes, they can file a motion prior to the lawsuit and request the court freeze all accounts belonging to the debtor in most cases, even accounts which are jointly held.

What does it mean to freeze assets and bank accounts?

It means, someone has put a blocker on your assets and bank accounts. It means, you cannot withdraw cash, make any transactions on the account, or sell any of those assets until further notice. This usually happens when law enforcement authorities suspect any illegal activities on your accounts. For ex: if they feel that you are harboring terrorists, they can freeze all your assets and bank accounts until you are proven innocent.

Can fraud freeze an checking account?

Yes. All sorts of fraudulent activities can lead to a checking account being frozen. The bank may temporarily freeze the account if they suspect fraudulent activities in the accounts transactions. And, the bank can permanently freeze the account if there is a legal advice from law enforcement agencies reg. your account

Do reserve bank have rights to lock an individuals all bank accounts?

No they don't have the right to

How do you find an old bank that no longer exists?

Before a bank closes, it will notify you of who will be taking over the active accounts there at the bank. Or all accounts will be closed and remaining balances will be returned

Can the bank seize assets in the bank during a bankruptcy?

If creditors believe the person is trying to remove funds from accounts to keep them from bankruptcy proceedings; creditors can petition the court to freeze all accounts/assets. A bank cannot arbitraily seize account funds unless the depositer has a loan with the bank which includes a set off provision. Even then the bankruptcy trustee can request the funds be returned and included as assets in the bankruptcy.

Is there such thing as a 9 digit bank account number?

Yes, nearly all bank accounts in the Netherlands (with the exception of the Postbank accounts) do have 9 digits.

Did the Allies uncover all of Adolf Hitler's secret bank accounts in Swiss Banks?

No, the allies were not able to uncover all the Adolf Hitler's secret bank accounts in the Swiss Banks.

How many accounts are made in balance sheet of a bank?

There is no definite answer to this question because it all depends on the size of the bank in question. The larger the bank is, the more accounts there are to make up the balance sheet of the bank as a whole.

Which bank offers the best free online checking accounts?

All banks offer online checking accounts. Online checking accounts can also be in person accounts as well. The best bank depends on the persons personal likings.

Which banks offer online bank accounts?

There are many banks which offer online bank accounts. Wahington Mutual, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America all offer online accounts. Additionally, Union Bank and Union Bank of California also offer online banking. Other banks include Chase and Bank of the West.

What is a sentence for accounts?

so what accounts for your actions? You are no longer a child. Be responsible.

Can they freeze your bank account for medical bills in Arizona?

Yes. When an individual is sued for debt the judgment creditor can request the financial institution through legal process to "freeze" all the defendant debtor's personal accounts. In most U.S. states the bank/financial institution can withhold twice the amount of the judgment until the court releases those funds.

Can your bank provide personal finance templates?

Yes, depending on the bank that you have your accounts in. Most commercial banks have people in the bank that will sit down with you and go through all of your investments and accounts and help you with what you want to do.

What services does the Bank of QLD offer to customers?

The Bank of QLD, or the Bank of Queensland, offers banking services to both businesses and individuals. The banking accounts have no hidden fees and allows monetary freedom on all accounts.

Do all banks offer checking bank accounts?

Practically all banks offer checking bank accounts. The interest rates and services such as overdraft protection will vary by account type and bank. Most credit unions also have checking account options.

Who now owns the bowery savings bank?

As of January 2011, Capital One Bank owns all Bowery Savings Bank accounts.

Can a bank legally freeze your assets when the bank is in an economical decline?

No. The bank is liable to pay back all our deposit money irrespective of its economic status

Can a collection agency freeze bank account in ca without you being notified?

Agency cant freeze your bank account at all, They can go to court asking to freeze your account, then a court order only can freeze you account, an account cant be freezed by any third party order.

are your cd's fidc insured?

All types of traditional bank accounts such as checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs (Certificates of Deposit), etc. are insured by the FDIC.

What is a written record of all transactions with banking or credit accounts?

Bank Statement.

If you get a repossessed car back is it removed from your credit?

No. Your credit report is a record of all transactions on reported accounts. The repossession will show in the history, but so will the redemption.