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Yes. In most cases the court must make a ruling about the validity of the "freeze" within 30 days, or release a suitable portion of the account monies for living expenses of the account holder(s).

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Q: Can a bank in New York freeze an account because a law firm sent them a letter that the person is not authorized to open the account without a court judgment and for how long?
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Can you change your Verizon number without the account holder being present?

no unless you tell the account holder to tell them "add" you as an authorized person.

What can you do if you were sued 6 years ago but never notified and a lien placed on your house over an account on which you were an authorized user?

There is something amiss here. An authorized user is not responsible for the account. You cannot be sued without being notified. So, you must have received a summons by some means. Unless they were unable to find you, then there would have been a public notice in the paper. If the lien is a result of you being an authorized user, rather than a joint account holder it is invalid. It will not "go away" until you contact the court where the judgment was issued and get things straightened out. ASAP

How do you remove a lien on your checking account?

Checking accounts are levied by means of a court ordered judgment. Most bank account levies are good for a period of thirty days and then must be renewed through the court. In some states the levy depending upon what it is for can remain on the account until the amount of the judgment has been collected. The holder of the account cannot have the levy removed without filing a petition with the court where the creditor received the judgment. For the levy to be suspended or ceased the judgment debtor/account holder must present evidence for "just cause". Such evidence might be that the funds in the account are not subject to seizure because they are of exempt status, such as Social Security or public assistance benefits.

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Can a finance company take money out of my account without my permission?

Not unless the creditor has a judgment order and executes it as a bank levy.

Can you satisfy judgment for restitution without paying?

You can't satisfy a judgment for restitution without paying. That is the exact opposite of what the judgment is for. You can only erase a judgment by satisfying it.

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Can a creditor garnish your bank accounts in Fl without notification?

The only way your bank account can be garnished--is if there is an court order. If they took you to court and receive a judgment against you, yes they can garnish your wages. Also, if you were summon to court but did not show up, it will be judgment by default and your wages and bank account can be garnised.

If a father owes back child support can money be taken from his banking account without his permission?

No. The custodial parent or state child support agency would need to file suit, obtain a judgment and then use the judgment to levy the obligated parent's bank account, or the account holder would need to voluntarily allow withdrawal of funds. A judgment is not necessary for an obligated parent's tax refund (state or federal) to be seized for back child support.

Who can take money out of your bank account?

The following people are authorized to take money out of your bank account:You - Since you are the owner of the bank account you are always authorized to take money out of your account without any preconditionsJoint holders of the account if the account is a joint account.Anyone who has your ATM Card and PIN number (Though you are supposed to keep your card and pin number safely and not share it with anyone, technically someone who has possession of your card and the correct PIN number can take money from your account)Anyone who has a check signed by you with their name as the payee can cash that check against your account although they are not actually taking money out of your account.Any bank or loan institution with whom you have a standing arrangement whereby they can debit your monthly installment for loan repayment directly from your bank account.Anyone who has the legal power of attorney provided by you.Any judgment creditor can have a lien placed on your account and take the funds to satisfy the lien.Your funds can be taken to satisfy child support arrears.

How do you get prejudice?

By passing judgment without knowledge of what your judging. But then again who are we to pass judgment?

Is it legal for a temp agency to direct deposit into a bank account from a previous assignment a long time before without your recent permission?

You can make a deposit into anyones account whether you are on it or not, but you have to be on the account to make withdrawls and to switch funds around. It is not legal for anyone to take funds from your account unless authorized in writing or in person

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When asked must credit card companies remove you as an authorized user from an account even without the consent of the primary card-holder?

Credit card companies are usually responsive ONLY to the primary card holder. They generally will not speak to, or honor requests from authorized users.

How can the primary account holder remove the name of the secondary account holder without closing the account?

This is usually not possible. You should check with your bank for details on their specific procedures because every bank is different. However, most banks will require you to close the account and open a new one - removing just one person is not possible. This is to remove any confusion that could occur as a result of removing someone from an account. The only times a person can be removed from an account are typically due to death or if the account is a business and an authorized signer needs to be removed for business needs.

Why bank close a bank account without reason?

Because they want to hahahahahah :)

Who is considered the head of household regarding garnishment of a joint checking account shared by husband and wife in the State of Florida.?

How a judgment can be enforced on a joint marital bank or any joint account depends upon how the account is identified. The status of such will be noted in the original application for opening an account at the specified financial institution. In Florida bank accounts (savings and checking) belonging to a married couple are considered by default as held as Tenancy By The Entirety. This means both spouses are sole owners of the funds and one may do whatever they choose with such without the permission of the other spouse. It aslo means that if one spouse is the named judgment debtor the account cannot be levied by a judgment creditor. Please note, having such protection is automatic under banking law, but the account holder is responsible for notifying the court and supplying required documentation of the account(s) exemption from judgment attachment.

Can a joint bank account in Indiana be garnished or frozen from a judgment on a party who does not deposit funds?

Yes, if the debtor is a named party on the account the funds held in the account can be attached. The only way to avoid this is to close the account completely and reopen an account without the debtor on it. I have heard that it is even best to seek a completely different bank, to avoid errors from occurring.

Define summary judgment?

Summary judgment is a legal term. When a court enters a judgment for a party against another party without a full trial, this is called a summary judgment.

Can a bank freeze your checking account with out an judgment?

Yes. Banks reserve the right to freeze funds to wait for checks and other items to clear the account. They often do this when you ask for the account to be closed. They can also do this when they receive an order from a court or other official to garnish the account, such as in the case of a judgment, child support order, tax lien seizure, federal or state-ordered property seizure under drug forfeiture laws, and probate court in the event that you have died without benefit of a will.

How do you sign inwith out an account?

It is impossible to sign into any website without having an account for that website. This is because the term "signing in" implies that you already have an account on the website and you are logging into it.

Is an authorized user of a credit card responsible for the debt after the account holder dies intestate without assets if all cash advances and purchases were made only for the holder's benefit?

No. An authorized user is like a visiting guest in a house. You're able to use all the amenities, but you're not responsible for the mortgage. Only a joint holder on the account -- that is, someone who opened and signed responsibility for the account with another person -- can be held liable for the charges made by the other joint holder.