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Yes. Chase Bank offers this service and it is completely safe. Only the specific cell phone number you provide us can access balance information and there is no exchange of your account number.

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Q: Can a bank notify its clients on the status of their bank account balance through mobile phones?
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How can one check their Westpac account balance from their Mobile phone?

One can check their Westpac account balance from their mobile phone using TXT technology. Using this, the account balance can be checked simply by texting the letter "b" to 202.

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How can you check balance in your saving account of syndicate bank?

There are so many ways to check the balance of your SB account.MIssed call Banking: If you give one Missed call to 09241442255 after registering with the same you will get the balance.SMS Banking: Every day you will be receiving your balance.Synd e Passbook : If you install this application in your mobile you can check your balance at any time.Internet Banking: Through IB also you can check your SB balance.Mobile Banking : Again this will also help you to check Balance.

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How do you check your account balance in bank of India?

From 7th Sept. 2012, Bank of India has introduced a new service as "Quick Balance" for the account holders, who have their mobile numbers registered with this. Under this scheme customer has call a number i.e., 022 - 33598548 and the call sill dicconnect automatically after 2 rings and bank will send a SMS on the registered mobile number with latest balance of the account.

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You can manage bank account online by visiting the bank's official website and registering an account. This website can be accessed through the internet or through a mobile application.

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What features are included with TCF online banking?

The features included with TCF Online Banking are access to 18 months of free Online Statements, Online Bill Payment with delivery alerts, Mobile Banking to check balance and transactions, and Email/Mobile account alerts such as low/high balance, failed transfers, and periodic balance alerts.

What services does the Bank of America Online site provide?

Bank of America's online site provides you with several services in conjunction with your account. The most obvious is 24 hour access to your account information such as the balance. You can also pay your bills and set up e-mail/mobile alerts through the site.

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How can you change your mobile number related to your state bank of India passbook account?

We can change mobile by atm through mobile registration option or filling an sms registration form on home branch level.

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