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Can a baseball game end in a tie?

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June 13, 2010 4:32AM

Yes, in Japan. In American professional sports, no, a game is not complete if both teams have the same number of runs.


Yes, if a game is called off due to weather, or a power outage, or something like that. If the game is important to a pennant race, it can be made up, but if not, it would be left as a tie. The stats would still count, though.

As of February 2007 the rules committee has made the following changes to the rules in the MLB as it pertains to games ending in ties.

"Beginning this season, when a game is tied in the bottom of the fifth inning and is called because of weather, it will be suspended and resumed before the next scheduled game between the teams at the same ballpark.

If there are no more games between the teams at the same stadium, the game will be resumed when the teams meet at the visitor's ballpark.

If it is the final scheduled game between the teams, it will be replayed if it is needed to determine a postseason berth."