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Can a basketball player pass to himself?

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I dont think that you can pass to yourself unless you bounce it off someone else. If you pass to yourself it might be considered traveling.

the only way you can is to bounce it off the backboard or another player

A player may throw the ball off the backboard and catch it. However, the player must receive the pass while in the air and shoot or pass before he comes down. Otherwise, the call is traveling

2015-07-14 16:04:09
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Q: Can a basketball player pass to himself?
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What does assist mean in nicktoons basketball?

You pass the ball to a player and then that player scores.

What is a pass by one player to another that scores in basketball?


How are assists determined in basketball?

Assists in basketball are made when one player makes a pass that results in another player scoring a basket. A player can get an assist for a pass even if the ball is dribbled after the pass but before the score. Deciding an assist is a bit of an judgment call.

What as the name of the basketball player that bleached himself?

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What is interception in basketball?

If a pass is "intercepted" than that means that a defending player got in the way of the ball and eirther took control of the ball himself or deflected it to someone on his team.

What is the purpose of basketball pass?

The purpose of a pass in basketball is to advance the ball, or move the ball to an open player. It is also used to confuse the defense, or get out of a double team.

What is a bounce pass in basketball?

A bounce pass in basketball is a way of getting the ball to another player without passing it directly to them through the air. Rather, the ball is bounced off the floor to the other player.

When you throw the ball from one player to another in basketball what is it called?

It's called a PASS It's called a PASS

What can a player do from triple threat position in basketball?

You can either drive it, pass it, or shoot it

What is it called when a basketball player advances the ball to himself without dribbling?


What was the name of the rich basketball player on the proud family?

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When a player receives a pass in basketball what are the choices?

Dude, you shoot, pass again, or dribble. Uhh... did that help. Of course it did. So i guess you are thinking about playing basketball. Cool man. Cool.

Why is a basketball player credited with an assist?

When a player makes a great pass that sets up a teammate for a basket (that is made)

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What is blindpass in basketball?

the blind pass aka a no-look pass, is performed when a player looks in one direction but passes the ball to his target

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Can a player step out of bounds then come back in and receive the next pass?

Yes, that is allowed in basketball.

Can a basketball player pass off the other team?

yes, you can pass the ball off the other team to get your dribble back when you don't have one.

What is the meaning of basketball pass?

love and basketball

What are some basketball words?

Dunk, fowl, dribble, swish, pass, shoot.. I'm not much of a basketball player so I don't know much..

Is it a foul if an offensive player in basketball hands the ball to another offensive player?

No. It's just simply a hand off or a pass.

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What is underhand pass in basketball?

underhand pass