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Can a betta fish be in same tank as a dragon fish?


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Betta fish can live with any other fish that are peaceful and do not have long, flowing fins as this could make the betta fish jealous and start a fight.


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So far, no a dragon fish can not be in the same tank as a Betta but i will do research and try to come up with a true explanation. A dragon fish does a lot better in brackish water that would kill a betta. I have tried to keep many dragons in freshwater and it doesnt work out very well.

Betta fish are typically best as a solitary fish due to the fact that they will show aggression to another betta in the same tank

No fish can live with a betta in small tank. but you can always house with your betta a Golden Apple Snail.

No. Betta fish will attack each other no matter the sex.

in order for a betta to live with glo fish there needs to be at least 6 glo fish. they also need to be in the tank for at least an hour before the betta is put in the tank.

Yes. Betta fish will work with other fish, if the betta is 'nice' and well fed.

keeping multiple bettas in the same tank is not reccomended

Male Betta splendens fight with other male Betta splendens so the answer is most other fish will not fight with a Betta in the same tank. To try to list every species of fish here would be impossible.

No...betta fish are usually aggressive and might kill the angelfish.

YES! Betta fish are very aggresive. If you put another fish tank in front of the tank holding the betta fish, the betta will flare. So i wouldn't try putting the betta in the goldfish tank.

It's quite possible that a convict cichlid would kill a betta fish, so they should not be in the same tank

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

betta fish are fightinh fish, so NO! yes clownfish loves Japanese fighting fish (betta fish) Clownfish are saltwater and bettas are figure it out.

Females can be. Males need to live one Betta to the tank - you can have other fish in with him, but no other bettas, other anabantids, or any other long-finned fish.

No they cannot, also if you put two Betta fish together, they will fight.

It is not recommended to have a betta in a community tank or being with any other fish at all. Although, the bottom feeders such as corydoras might be ok with betta fish in the same tank as they occupy different levels in the water. The reason for having betta alone is not only because betta can be territorial and aggressive, but they can also be victims to other fast moving nippy fish.

anyother fish, they only fight with each other

Most fish get along well. However, do NOT mix betta fish with other fish. Not even another betta. You have to have a permit to have to betta fish in the same tank with eachother. Betta fish are only mixed to mate. Bettas are not born in the egg. They come out as a very small fish. After the betta babies have come out, all of the fish are seperated. Even the parents, if the betta babies are left in the tank with the others the betta parents are very likely to eat the others.

Turtles, like fish, eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Can your turtle fit your betta in its mouth?

No, because they are fighting fish and one of them will kill the other.

no they will kill each other bettas are vicous

You could, but I generally recommend against keeping a betta with any other types of fish. They do best as a loner in their own small tank of at least 5 gallons.

Betta fish can be kept in either a tank or a bowl.

Male betta Fish are the aggressive ones. Although it is nearly impossible to find out the difference between female and male betta Fish. If you put in another fish in a male bettaFish tank, the betta Fishwill most likely kill the other fish. Unless the fish is female.

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