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Most women ovulate every month yes. Women who experience irregular periods may not ovulate every month or women with fertility problems can sometimes miss a month of ovulation.

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Does black blood cause pregnancy?

no, having intercourse with a male who has sperm is what causes pregnancy.

What are some causes of HIV and AIDS?

blood transfusion and sexual intercourse

Control measures of HIV?

infected person must refrain from sexual intercourse, unless he uses a condom during sexual intercourse! Notify future sexual intercourse partner of the infection Those volunteers especially for donating the blood should do the test of HIV antibodies.

Can you get a STD if im not on your period and your sexual partner has not reached puberty?

You only can obtain a(n) STD is from transferring Bodily Fluids or Blood.^If you are having sexual intercourse, it doesn't matter if you're on your period or not or what age your partner is. STDs are not like pregnancy.

How do you confirm fertilization?

Taking a home pregnancy test is the first step to confirm fertilization. If the test is positive your family doctor will request a blood test.

If you make love today how soon you know if you are pregnant or not?

With a Quantitative beta hcg blood test you can have this performed 7 days after intercourse to determine pregnancy. With a urine pregnancy test, you can perform this 3 weeks after intercourse.

What can a blood pregnancy test tell you?

Well for one it can confirm whether or not you are pregnant. The blood tests will also be conducted to test your plasma protein level and your hCG (pregnancy hormone) levels.

Is hepatitis b or c a communicable diseases?

Hepatitis B can be transmitted during sexual intercourse, or sharing of needles or blood products from a person that is infected. Hepatitis C is mainly transmitted via blood products, but in some cases can also be transmitted during sexual intercourse.

Can you get HIV from making out?

Men give HIV to women by sexual intercourse. They do it by any blood to blood contact. Whether or not you get it depends on what you mean by "Make out."

Would blood work reveal pregnancy?

Yes, if it is taken at the right time. Doctors usually perform a blood and or urination test to check for pregnancy. But if it is only a day or two after intercourse conception may not have occurred yet; conception usually occurs 5-7 days after intercourse.

How is the human immunodeficiency virus transmitted?

HIV can be trasmitted by sexual intercourse, unsterilized needles for things like tattoos or illegal drugs, and contact by blood. All of the above: throught bodily fluids, breast milk, sexual intercourse

What are the chances of pregnancy if your period is 12 days late but a home pregnancy test was negative?

There is a chance of pregnancy but it is best to see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test to confirm or to rule out pregnancy. Missed period can also be due to a hormonal imbalance.

Whats the maximum amount of days for the window you can have your period before wondering if you've gotten pregnant of not?

You can perform a urine pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after intercourse. You can perform a blood test to determine pregnancy 5-7 days after intercourse.

I am on my last days on my period and ive been having this bright red blood coming out and i had sexual intercourse a week before my period and i was spotting and i dont know what it is?

Im not a expert but I was thinking it was because the sexual intercourse you had the week before but i cant tell

What is the function of the erectile tissue?

It fills with blood to make the penis stiff enough to enter a body during sexual intercourse.

Can you get AIDS from shaking a black man's hand?

No and that is real racist! You have to actually have sexual intercourse or have contact w/ persons blood.

Can a blood test show if you are a virgin or not?

Sexual intercourse is simply skin to skin(and mucus membrane(like inside of nostril)) contact, there is no blood test that can determine that contact. It can not be shown if the male penis has penetrated an orifice during sexual contact. Females can be proven to not have had vaginal penetration depending on the condition of the hymen. Though the hymen being broken is not necessarily a sign that she has had sexual intercourse.

Has anyone had a neg blood test and then two weeks later had several positive hpt's?

It is possible that the pregnancy was not far enough along when the blood test was performed. You should have a repeat blood test done to confirm what the home pregnancy tests are indicating.

If you have all pregnancy symptoms but had your period and home pregnancy test showed negative can you be pregnant?

Yes you could have tested too early. Go to your doctor and they may give you a blood test to confirm pregnancy.

When is the soonest you can take a pregnancy test?

Hello, In my opinion you can perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after sexual intercourse & the test should be accurate. A blood test can be performed as early as 7 days after conception has taken place. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of a medical expert.

If you have no sexual intercours and your period came regularly but about 7 days later a little blood came in a discharge what does that mean?

If you have not had sexual intercourse recently then it most likely means you may have a urinary tract infection. You will need to see your doctor about this for some antibiotics. But if you've had unprotected sex recently then perform a pregnancy test.

Can you still be pregnant even if the pregnancy test came out negative?

Though pregnancy tests are supposed to be foolproof, there are some factors that could make the test come out negative even if you are pregnant, for example, you get more accurate results if you use morning urine. A blood test will confirm (or not confirm) a pregnancy for sure.

How long should you wait to see a doctor after taking a pregnancy test and your test was posative?

immediately to confirm pregnancy with blood test and see how far along u r

What are four ways in which HIV can be transmitted?

Here are 3 ways HIV can be transmittedSexual IntercourseBlood transferingMother to daughter

Could you be pregnant if you spotted a brown discharge for a day and had some light cramping during that time and your period isn't due for almost a week and a half?

Yes this could be pregnancy related. You can see your doctor 7 days after intercourse for a pregnancy blood test or perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse.