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Yes they can. I've had male friends (2 of them) since high school so that makes our friendship over 40 years. I also have other male friends that come for dinner and my husband has some female friends that we also invite over. Usually when young love and friendship can mesh. Good marriages are based on (of course physical attraction) friends first and falling in love. Yes. But you never know if it's going to turn into something else. Most male friends become attracted to their female friends over a period of time. Or sometimes, they only become your friend to try to get a farther relashonship with you.

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Q: Can a boy and a girl really be 'just friends'?
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What if your a girl who has tons of guy friends but they never want to be more than just friends?

Get another boy friend if they really want to be more than friends they will be jealous if not just stay with that boy friend.And true friends are better than temperary boy friends.

Why a boy and a girl cannot be friends?

A boy and a girl can be friends.

I really want a boy to like me but i can't have a boyfriend anyway?

then just be friends with them they tend to fall in love with the girl they are closest to

You are dating boy A but you really like boy B--Boy A and boy B are really good friends--what should you do?

tell boy a im sorry but i like another boy im really sure there is a better girl out there for you better than me but can we still be friends? .:*~yea no joke i had the same issue once, but there was a long break in between, but (just doing what you did) boy A and boy B are like really good friends, but boy A seemed completely fine with it...~*:.

What do you do if a 15 boy year old likes a nineteen year old girl and are friends but the girl believes that they should just be friends but the guy is really into her?

if you are the 15 year old boy tell her how you feel about her. if you are the girl then tell him how you feel about him and tell him it cant work.

If you like a boy or a girl is it really the best thing to just come out and tell them?

well..... it really depends. if the boy or girl is one of your best friends and you hang out all the time then it might ruin it for being friends but it might also help you become BF and GF. but if your not really tight have one of your friends be your wing man and have him or her talk about you to him or her i hope that helps!! :)

Can a girl fall in love with a boy that she really likes and is friends with someone that she's known forever but has not talked to the boy she really likes?


Can a girl prepose to a boy?

just as a girl can ask a boy out a girl can propose to a may be a little awkward,but it will be something you will REALLY remember

Is it ok for a boy to hangout with a girl just as friends?

Yup, as a guy I've had a ton of girl friends. Not uncommon, just avoid catching feelings.

Is Pluto a girl or a boy?

it is really a shim it is half boy half girl so really it is a shim are you stupid or do you just need help

If a boy treat a girl food most of the time does that mean he like the girl?

sometimes yes. but if they're are really good friends, then maybe he's just being a gentleman.

When a guy tells his girl to not be friends w any boy that he is only boy does it mean he really sincere love the girl?

Maybe, but it might just mean he is really jealous and insecure, and that is not the same thing as true love. it might mean hes really scared of u cheatin on him.

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