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Can a boy date a girl 5 years younger than him?

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If he wants to so yes.
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Will Cole Sprouse date a girl 5 years younger than him?

Well, if the girl is hot then maybe they will date her. Other than that, i dont think so.. 5 years is a LOT. They think differently. if you are talking about yourself, if u

Would Bill Kaulitz date a girl 4 or 5 years younger than him?

hes not a pedifile. Does he have to pedofile to date a girl that is 5 years younger than him? Many girls date boys that are older?. He has said MANY times that as long as he

Why do girls find it weird to date a boy younger than them?

It is built into nature that a woman looks up to and relies on a man. We look for someone smart and manly with respect to who we are, which most likely will not be the case if
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Would Harry Styles date a girl 5 years younger than him?

Likely not. He's 18 now, so that would mean the girl would be 13. That's a big age difference and he's now an adult and the 13 year old is a minor. Would be too risky for him
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Can a girl marry a boy who 10 years younger than her?

The boy must be at least 17 years old in order to get married, (in most places), which means the girl can be no younger than 27. If the boy is at least 17 he can marry a girl
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What if a girl is 10 years younger than the boy?

If one is under legal age (usually 18, it varies by state if I'm correct) then it's a crime, wrong to have sexual relations. Illegal for the older one
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Can a girl marry a boy who 5 years younger than her?

Yes, depending on the age that is: Consent: You can be married at age 16, with the consent of the parent. No Consent: Any age 18 or above enables you both to marry without c