Can a boy date a girl 5 years younger than him?

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If he wants to so yes.
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Is it wrong for a 17 year old girl to date a boy 3 yrs younger than her?

Answer . If, by dating you mean just being friends, going to movies, listening to music together--if that is all you mean, then it is okay.. If you are talking about entering into a sexual relationship, yes, it is wrong. You must remember the law. Children under the age of 18 years old are co ( Full Answer )

Will Pierre Bouvier date a girl 14 years younger than him?

I can't see any reason he would do it. A girl that is 14 years younger then him will be still teen, which mean probably a fan, and I don't think it's the kind of things that Pierre would do. Beside, he has girlfriend that he really loves so no chance he will date anyone else ;)

How do ask a boy out on date who is younger than you?

Firstly, just because he is younger than you, don't think he WILL say yes. Look for signs that he might like you too. Does he look right at you when your talking, does he smile at you often? if your sure you want to ask him on a date follow these rules. . BE YOURSELF! boys love girls who are uni ( Full Answer )

Would nick jonas date a girl six years younger than him?

Right now, probably not, since 6 years is a huge deal and illegal when you're this young. But when you're older, who knows? -ilegal as in- underage people cannot date people a ridiculous lot older-

Is it appropiate to date a girl 4 years younger than you?

age ain't nuthing but a number I agree to a certain degree. That depends on how old you are. If you are 19 years old, then the girl would be under the legal age! So, alot would depend on your age. It would be fine if you were 35 years old and she was 31, no problems there. So, you see why your age ( Full Answer )

Would bill kaulitz ever date a girl 6 or 5 years younger then him?

They're 20 any day now and 14 is too young when you're an adult. So no, they would not date a 14yo. When they're 30 and dates a 24 yo, now that's different. Then both are adults. To the one below; Bill and Tom was born September 1 1989 which means they are turning 20 in a few weeks. thay r 18

Can you date a girl less than 4 years younger than yourself?

There are no laws regarding dating. There are laws about sexual contact. If she is less than 16 years old, you would be doing yourself a big favor by staying away! If she got mad at you and said you did something, even if you didn't, it could be a very bad situation and have life changing consequenc ( Full Answer )

Will Cole Sprouse date a girl 5 years younger than him?

Well, if the girl is hot then maybe they will date her. Other than that, i dont think so.. 5 years is a LOT. They think differently. if you are talking about yourself, if u no him, try it, what have u got 2 loose. For a celebrity to date someone that much younger then themselves is not a good i ( Full Answer )

Would Bill Kaulitz date someone 4 or 5 years younger than him?

Yes he would date someone 4 or 5 years younger than him , and i don't think there's something wrong with it he said that age does not matter. I agree with him ,when someone deeply falls in love with an other ,age won't separate them. Not uncommon for a 16yo to date a 20yo. Tom and Bil ( Full Answer )

Would a boy like a girl who is three and a half years younger than him?

I have the same problem as well ,i really like a boy who is 3 years older than me and goes to a different school ! i know him because we live in the same street :L ! i really like him cause he is really cute but he never really talks ! i am good friends with his little sister who is 2 years younger ( Full Answer )

Would Bill Kaulitz date a girl 4 or 5 years younger than him?

hes not a pedifile. Does he have to pedofile to date a girl that is 5 years younger than him? Many girls date boys that are older?. He has said MANY times that as long as he loves her, age doesn't matter, same for Tom. They have BOTH said that as long as there is an attraction, not a lot of other ( Full Answer )

What to do when dating a girl younger than you?

Well it all depends on how much the difference is and what age you are. Just be yourself....try not to be as perverted as normal (yes i am female) and compliment her...maybe not kiss on the 1st date but hug and hold hands for sure!

Why is it good for the girl to be younger than the boy?

1) Who said it's good for the girl, in a relationship, to be younger than the boy? This idea, derived from the continuity of past common thought, is from when it was beneficial for the man or boy to be older than the woman or girl as a result of men and boys controlling social structures, particu ( Full Answer )

What do you do if a girl who is like 5 years younger than you and likes you but you dont want to be apart of it?

You need to let her know, and be forward, if she is young she probably won't get hints or will not stop until you directly tell her. If need be and things get too "stalkery" you need to actually go to her and tell her that it isn't alright with you and that she needs to stop, it might sound harsh bu ( Full Answer )

Should i date a girl 10 years younger than me?

It depends on how old you are. Say, if you were 15, you wouldn't want to date someone who was 5. But if you are, say, 30 and you date someone who is 20, it would be perfectly fine in my book.

Why do girls find it weird to date a boy younger than them?

It is built into nature that a woman looks up to and relies on a man. We look for someone smart and manly with respect to who we are, which most likely will not be the case if you are younger. the correct answer is that girls are more mature than a boy of the same age. So girl try to date with a boy ( Full Answer )

Is it against the law to date a girl 2 years younger than you?

In most cases, no. But if "two years younger than you" means she is under the age of consent in the state you live in - and there is any sex - then yes, it becomes highly illegal, as many chaps serving ten to twenty will testify. If she is underage, the fact that she "consented" is meaningless - i ( Full Answer )

Would justinbibbet date a girl 6 years younger than him?

i think that he would because we all know that he loves girls and all kinds of girls are special to him so i think so but as long as you re not too young 6 years younger is the only girl that he would date for the young age .Xxx .

Would Harry Styles date a girl 5 years younger than him?

Likely not. He's 18 now, so that would mean the girl would be 13. That's a big age difference and he's now an adult and the 13 year old is a minor. Would be too risky for him to date a child. _ If he loves her enough, why not?! Age is just a number.. plus he said he would date a 14 year old gi ( Full Answer )

Can a girl marry a boy who 10 years younger than her?

The boy must be at least 17 years old in order to get married, (in most places), which means the girl can be no younger than 27. If the boy is at least 17 he can marry a girl who is many years older than him. The girl can marry any boy, (provided she is at least 17, and he is at least 17 years old). ( Full Answer )

Would Princeton date a fan 5 years younger than him?

Probaly it depends on how tall u r and how u act see if ur not mature and stuff laughing at the word booboo he will be like ok..... I'm 12 so I know and I'm gonna be a singer so WATCH OUT PRINCEY I WUV U

Can a girl marry a boy who 5 years younger than her?

Yes, depending on the age that is: Consent: You can be married at age 16, with the consent of the parent. No Consent: Any age 18 or above enables you both to marry without consent.