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Can a burned CD be erased and burned again?

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There are 2 main types of CDs: CD-Rs and CD-RWs.
* If the CD is a CD-RW (or CD+RW) then yes, you can wipe it and start again. To do this use any CD burning program: something like Nero would do fine. * CD-Rs are not erasable. However, if you originally created the disc with something like Nero, you may have been offered the option of "Starting a Multi-session disc" or something like that. If you chose that option, then you would be able to burn more files onto the CD until it is full, however you still would not be able to change or delete existing files.

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Why are CD-R's better than CD-RW?

It can be erased and used again, instead of buying new CD-R's just erase a CD-RW and put the new data on it.

Is a CD-R or a CD-RW disc more expensive?

cd-rw is more expensive because it can be easily erased and re-written over and over again.

A CD-R disc can be erased and rewritten only one time?

A CD-R cannot be erased, once media is put on it, it cannot be taken off, but a CD-RW can be erased and resotred as many times as you want.

When burning a CD why can't you burn again onto the CD?

A CD has a certain amount of memory and is blank until something is loaded or burned on it. When a program or file is burned on the CD, the CD no longer acts as a memory space but as a readable file. Every time that disc gets put in another computer, it will be read for the file that was burned on it.

Can a CD-RW be written and erased?

yes it can be written but unfortunatly it cannot be erased

Steps on how to transfer music from PC to CD?

u cannot transfer music or any kind of data from your PC to CD/DVD. But actually u Can burn them using Nero. Burning is a process where the data is written on the CD. once burned, it cannot be erased unless it is a CD-RW or DVD-RW!

What is the difference between CD CD-R and CD-RW drives?

A CD Drive reads CDs.A CD-R drive writes to CD-R discs. Rewrite not possible.A CD-RW drive writes to CD-RW discs. Rewrite capable.CD drive can only read a CD and not write to it, the drive is called a CD-ROM drive. CD-R is a recordable drive, it will burn to CD-R discs, which can only be burned to one time.CD-RW drives support CD-R and CD-RW, which is the ability to burn to CD-RW discs, which can be burned to, and erased, hundreds of times.

How do you erase songs off my CD-r audio?

A CD-R disc can not be erased.

How do you erase CD-r discs?

CD-r's are permanent CDs and cannot be erased.

How can you tell if a CD-R has been formatted?

CD-R can't be formatted. (erased)

What are the advantages of a CD-RW?

It can be written and erased thoroughly.

How is a CD-R different from a CD-RW?

A CD-R (Compact Disc - Read) is designed to be written to one time and the data be stored permanently (in some cases, the data can be erased, but the CD becomes worthless). A CD-RW (Compact Disc - Read/Write) can be erased and written to multiple times (much like the old cassette or VHS tapes. They can be erased and rewritten multiple times).

What is the past tense for to burn the CD?

i burned the CD

Why the burned CD is not working in the car stereo?

The most obvious reason is because you burned the CD incorrectly.

How do you format a CD-r CD disk?

You can't. Once you burn a CD-R it cannot be erased. If you want a reburnable CD look for CD-RW.

How do you erase a CD-R?

CD-Rs are permanent. Once written to, they cannot be erased or formatted.

How do you reformat a CD-RW?

To reformat a CD-RW use a disk utility application, or an application like Toast. Reformatting will erase all media on the CD-RW. The CD-RW can then be re-written, or burned again with new information.

Why my CD i burned from computer work on the computer but don't work on my CD player?

You may have burned it in the wrong format which your cd-player may not be able to play. You could have also burned it on a type of disk that your cd-player is unable to read for example lets say your cd-player only plays CD-R and you are using a CD+R

Can you put a CD-r into a CD-rw burner?

Yes, as CD-R's can just be burned once, while CD-RW's can be burned multiple times. They are he same thing.

Can music be burned to a CD-r data CD?


What effects do downloads have on cds?

If the CD is a CDR is can only be Used Once.If the CD is a CDRW it can be erased and used multiple times.

Is it possible to burn a copy of a burned CD?

Yes. Once the disc is burned, it behaves just like any other CD.

If you restore your iPod then will all your songs be erased on iTunes?

no. everything from your iPod will be erased, but your itunes will stay the same, so when you sync it again, everything will be on your iPod again

How do you turn a burned CD into a blank disc?

A burned CD into a blank disc by erasing it using a CD-RW drive and the appropriate software. This only applies to rewritable CDs.

Can you rewrite an already burned CD?

Not if the data is burned on. If it is just stored then yes, but if it's music burned on, NO