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Yes. Many businesses, especially mail-order companies, will keep your credit card info to speed future purchases.

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Q: Can a business keep credit cards on file?
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Can you keep one of your credit cards if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Yes; however, the issuer is not required to continue to extent you credit (can close the account).

Do business credit cards report on your personal fico score?

Business Credit CardYep. As long as its your social security number tied to the card and you own the business, the payments you make on behalf of your business card are reported. Business cards typically have larger credit lines so you can handle your business expenses with ease. Keep in mind that some business credit cards may require your social security number but does not report to your personal credit files. For example, Elan Financial issues a business credit card for many banks and while the credit application requires a personal credit check the debt only reports to your personal credit reports in the even of default.

If you file bankruptcy but still have some credit cards with a zero balance on them will you still be able to keep them or will they automatically be closed?

If you have credit accounts in good standing then do not include them in your bankruptcy.

Are online credit cards safe?

The safety of online credit cards depend on the company. There are several reputable companies, which offer online credit cards, which guarantee to keep the user anonymous. Keep in mind that these credit cards include feels and interest.

Tips For Managing Business Credit Cards.?

Business travelers are often required to use business credit cards to pay for trip-related expenses. The first rule for handling business credit seems obvious, yet is all too often overlooked: business credit should never be used for personal, non-business related expenses. In order to eliminate questions and problems related to these cards, professionals should keep excellent records. Business travelers who use business credit should insist on receiving a receipt for every business transaction, and should keep these receipts very carefully. Travelers also have a responsibility to report loss or theft immediately, or within twenty-four hours.

Why do people use online business credit cards?

Many people use online only business credit cards as a way to keep track of the amount of money they are spending, what is taking up the largest chunk of money, and where the best prices are being found.

Why were credit cards invented?

Credit cards were made because banks wanted to keep up with credit as in owed money better.

Advantages of Business Credit Cards?

Many people are afraid to use credit cards because they are concerned about overspending, but business credit cards can be a very useful tool to help a business grow and streamline their financial process. Prepaid credit cards are a very good alternative to regular business credit cards because they allow the business owner to limit the amount of money that is spent each month. Business credit cards can be used for virtually all business expenses and are a great way to keep track of the costs of doing business and isolate their business expenses from personal expenses. All transactions are itemized on the monthly statements, so it is simple for the business owner to keep the statement as a record of the business' expenses. All of these expenses can be paid monthly with one payment, rather than many individual payments to different companies. The ability to buy products online or over the phone is another benefit of using business credit cards. In today's market, most companies can save time and money, as well as get a larger variety of supplies for their business by shopping online rather than in a store. The business is also protected against fraud when they are using a credit card. This protection is not available to business owners who pay their expenses using cash or check. Some credit card companies offer other benefits to customers who use their business credit cards, such as reward points, airline miles, or cash back. These rewards often add up quickly when business customers are using their credit cards to pay for all of their expenses. The business owner may even receive points for every dollar spent by their employees who use company credit cards, depending on the individual card's policy. Some credit cards even offer other benefits such as travel insurance or rental insurance at no extra cost. Giving business credit cards to employees who often order supplies or conduct other company business is much more convenient than writing a check for the expenses, and spending limits can be placed on the cards so that the employees cannot overspend when using their business credit cards. Business owners who trust their employees can simply check the statements every month to ensure that only business expenses are being charged on the credit card and don't have to individually approve every purchase. There are many advantages to using business credit cards, as long as they are managed carefully. There are many companies who offer credit cards to business owners. The business owner should carefully compare the rewards and interest rates of several credit cards before deciding which card is best for their business.

Can you keep two credit cards in the same pocket?

why not?! :)

Do credit cards cost money to keep?

There is often an annual fee, but some credit cards have no annual fee, and this means that they would cost you nothing to keep.

what exactly are corporate credit cards?

A corporate credit card is a credit card made just for a business. It is extremely useful to a business owner to keep personal and business expenses seperate. It will also give the business a useful tool to allow the employee to charge expenses with the card rather than have to submit reimbursement requests.

Are business cards needed to do business?

Yep. Business cards are very vital to do business because they keep business information about a company or individual readily accessible.

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