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No, but it certainly can harm you.

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Q: Can a capful of bleach clear your urine for a drug test?
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Can you pass a urine specimen screen putting bleach in the urine?

Bleach will eliminate every drug in the sample, but if they smell, suspect and find bleach, you lose.

Can you pass a drug test with clear urine?


Does bleach clean urine of heroin test?

If you mean would bleach remove heroin from a urine sample the short answer is no heroin is a drug not a bacteria or virus if bleach was added to urine it would definitely not take the heroin out of the urine if it were present.

Can you pass a drug test drinking bleach?

drinking bleach will kill you allmost immediatly.your thinking of putting a little bleach in your urine for a drug test to make it show negative.

Does bleach work to pass a drug test?

no bleach does not work to pass a urine test...i know because i have tryed it.

Is there anything you can use to clean your urine for a drug test in a couple hours?


Bleach in water to pass urine drug test?

Additives in urine test now days will be detected because they do "integrity checks."

What can you put your urine in when you go to take a drug test?

clear eyes

Can you use or drink bleach to clean your urine of meth?

Bleach will not clean your urine of meth. In fact, bleach will not clean your urine of any drug. If you drink bleach, you will be very sick. If you mean can you add bleach to a urine specimen to clean the meth out, that will not work either, and it will smell so strongly of bleach that the person testing you would know. Please do not try either one, they don't work, and you risk injuring yourself or getting in trouble.

Does color of the urine sample matters in drug testing?

If your urine is clear it has a good chance of being deluded and it will be an inconclusive result.

If a person was given a urine drug test for meth and was a frequent user would bleach clean their system?


How soon will you test clear after drinking bleach and milk?

DONT DRINK bleach this can KILL (you can add in your pee but works only for some Home drug tests)

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