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Can a car be impounded if there are drugs found but the driver isn't the owner?

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Yes. The owner will have to present proof of ownership and pay any towing and impound fees. That is assuming the car cannot be held until a decision is made on whether or not state forfeiture laws apply.

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IS THE DRIVER OR OWNER responsible for an impounded car?

Legally it is the owner. Morally it would be whoever caused it to be impounded in the first place.

If the owner was not involved can the police have a hold on an impounded vehicle?

Yes, if your car is related in an accident or crime it can be impounded for being part of it.

If someone else drives your car and the car get impounded. Can the legal owner get the car out of impound before 30 days?

It would depend on what the car was impounded for. The easiest way is to pay the impound fees. Is that possible? If it's a case of the car being used in the commission of a crime (DUI or more serious) or if drugs were found in the car, you may be facing a forfeiture.

Can the owner report the car stolen when the co-owner has it but is driving the car on suspended license?

No. A co-owner is one of the owners. If he's an owner it is obviously not theft. If you file a theft report against an owner you could be jailed for filing a false police report. Also, if the driver is stopped the car will be impounded resulting in costly fees and fines.

Can you be charged with possession if drugs were found on you but you had no knowledge of them and the actual owner is coming forth at trial to say it was his?

If drugs were found on you then you were in possession so yes you can be charged. You may or may not be convicted.

Why is a stolen car impounded after being found?

Answer Stolen cars are impounded for a few reasons. One would be that the Police might want to check it for finger prints. Another reason that the car would be impounded is if it was stolen, and the police think it was stolen too easily, they might want to check for Insurance Fraud and last but not least, they might impound a car while trying to find the owner.

Who gets the Nascar sponsor the driver or the car's owner?

the owner but the driver is who endorses that company

What happens if your caught driving a semi truck with no cdl?

Major fine for both the driver and vehicle owner, the vehicle will be impounded, the DOT may decide it's time for the owner of the vehicle to be audited (if you've ever been through one of those audits, it's quite time consuming).

If your car is impounded during a traffic stop arrest can the impound yard refuse access to your property inside the vehicle?

AnswerIt depends on why it was impounded and what state you are in. In California, you may not be allowed access if it was impounded as evidence to a suspected crime, but you should be allowed access if was towed for any other reason. You may remove personal property that is not attached to the vehicle if you are the registered owner, their spouse, or have power of attorney from the registered owner.Check out www.findlaw.com

If a Car is impounded for violation 14602.6 and there are two registered owners can the second owner with a valid driver license get the vehicle out?

Yes, If a Registered Owner with a valid license and current Registration and Insurance pays the necessary fees and or fines they can get the car out.AnswerNO. If you could everyone without a valid license would add another person to the registration.

Will you get a ticket for driving your friend car with expired tags in GEORGIA?

First, the car will likely get impounded because the tags are expired and the owner is not with the car. You can get a ticket as the driver. Drivers are responsible for not only how they drive but knowing what they drive can be legally on the road. An unregistered car shouldn't be on the road.

Is it true drugs inplanted in build a bears?

no there is n drugs. but there is love from the owner.

Who is responsible for a accidents costs the owner of the car or driver?

the accident is cover by insurance if the driver did not have insurance but the owner dose then it should cover for uninsured motorist if the driver was not a excluded driver of the vehicle a excluded driver is like a relative that lives the the policy holder but is not on the policy as a driver

Who is liable for damages from an hit-and-run unlicensed driver and the insured owner of the vehicle was the passenger?

Both the Driver and the Owner are liable for the damages. The driver, whether licensed or not is the primarily liable party. The insured passenger owner is secondarily liable for damages by the unlicensed driver he permitted to operate his vehicle.

A car has been impound can the car be return to owner if a payment arrangement is made with parking tickets plan?

A car has been impounded , can the car be return to owner if a payment arrangement is made with parking authorities.

Can you sell a car while it is impounded and have the new owner get it?

Technically, yes, as long as the new owner is aware of this fact and agrees to it. It could potentially make reclaiming it from impound more difficult, though, so the new owner might insist that you accompany him/her.

Who pays when driver is not the car owner but has car insurance?

Usually the insurance policy of the owner of the car is primary and then if the driver of the car has a policy of their own then it is secondary.

Can registered owner sell car while impounded?

Yes, you can sell an impounded vehicle, Unless the car has a hold on it in connection with a crime, in which case there would be no storage fees. Mind you, the buyer is liable for any tickets that go to the plate that was on the car at the time of impound.

Which nascar driver gave owner rick hendrick his 200th win this year?

The Nascar Driver That Gave His Owner His 200th Win Was Jimmie Johnson At Darlington.

Who is liable when unlicensed driver borrows truck to go 1 mile and truck is found totaled 10 miles away 4 hours later?

If the owner of the truck allowed an unlicensed driver to take the truck, then the owner is responsible - even if the driver lied about where he was going. If the unlicensed driver just took the truck, then a police report would need to be filed and charges pressed against that person - he can be sued for damages.

Uninsured driver driving insured vehicle?

Suspension of Registered OwnerThe driver may believe the registered owner should be responsible and be suspended because the driver had no knowledge of the registered owner not having insurance coverage on the vehicle. The driver's request in this situation cannot be honored. It is the responsibility of the driver who was involved in the accident to show evidence of financial responsibility. The FR laws also apply to the registered owner.The registered owner of the vehicle involved in the accident will have his or her driving privilege suspended when there is no evidence of financial responsibility under the following conditions:The vehicle was a driverless runaway (Vehicle Code § 16001 ); orThe driver cannot be identified.A financial responsibility action is taken against the driver when the driver is known. If the driver cannot be identified in situations of hit and run, or uses false identification, and the registered owner does not identify the driver, the owner must then submit the required evidence of FR or his or her driving privilege will be suspended.

How long will a car be impouded if an unlicensed driver is caught driving it?

The owner can pick it up after 24 hours. If the owner is the one not licensed, then they just need to bring a driver.

Who is charged when drugs are found in a vehicle?

i believe if no one else is in the car at the time except you, then you will be charged, but if there are multiple people in the car and you own the car and someone has the drugs and stash them someone, in most cases whereever it is found by that's who is charged, say the passenger stashes the drugs under their seat, the passenger would be charged but if you knew he had the drugs and the officer finds it, then both parties would be charged, with , withholding drugs whether it was yours or not, but it depends on the officer, whether they're more understanding, and find more evidence to lead to a direct source, i believe The driver of a vehicle is responsible for all things in the vehicle and all things the vehicle does. The owner is also responsible.

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