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Registration and insurance in any state will allow you to operate the vehicle in every state, but if you are actually living in another state, you must get insurance, registration, and a driver's license in your state of residence. The only exception I know of is that a member of the armed services may keep all of these from his state of "permanent residence" while stationed in another.

2006-08-02 04:23:47
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Q: Can a car be registered and insured in one state to be driven in another?
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If a car is insured and registered in one state and a son resides in another state with the insured car is that OK?


Can a car be registered to one person and insured by another in the state of Massachusetts?

No, In the state of MA the car must be insured under the registered persons name. No

In the state of Florida can a car be registered by one person and insured by another?

A car can be registered and insured by a number of people. Usually they are one and the same. A car can be insured with having it registered to you if you would like to drive it.

Can you be insured in one state and registered in another?

Yes, you can be, but you need to have insurance and registration in the state you reside.

Do you have to insure a car that is not driven?

This depends on a few factors. If it is sitting on a public road then it must be insured. Some states will not allow you to have a vehicle on your property that is not registered, and to be registered it must be insured so check your state laws.

Can you loan your car to your sibling in another state if it is registered financed and insured in your name?

Depends on your insurance company.

If a car is registered and insured in a new residence state can the car still be insured and registered in the old state just in case you move back?

not in any state or thru any insurance company I know of.

Can you have a drivers license different from the state the ca is registered tagged and insured in?

To register a car in a state, you have to have a license in that state.

You are in the military Can a vehicle be registered in one state but insured in another?

That question doesn't really make sense. Yes your vehicle can be registered anywhere you have place of residency but uhh insurance is who ever your insurance company is IE. USAA, State Farm.....

Is it illegal to have a car that is uninsured provided you dont drive it?

If the vehicle is currently registered (i.e.: has valid current tags) the state requires that it be insured. If the vehicle is not currently registered, it is not required that it be insured - but NOBODY may operate it.

Can a car registered in MN be insured in IA?

No it must be covered by an insurance policy valid in the state of registration.

If you had a car that was registered in another state but moved and left the car does the car have to be registered in the state you are living in now or can it still be registered in the other state?

The car needs to be registered in the state the owner resides in.

Is it legal to drive a Lamborghini in South Carolina?

Yes, provided the car is properly registered and insured, you have a valid drivers license, and you have permission to drive the car. You are, however, still bound by state laws regarding how it is to be driven, including the speed limit.

What company has New York state insurance code 994?

994 means the vehicle is self-insured by the company it is registered to. Example : the NYPD uses 994 to indicate that they are self-insured.

How do i sign up to mannhiems auction?

Become a registered car dealer in your state by filling out the state applications paying the fees getting licensed bonded and insured.

Can you buy a car in another state and have it insured in that other state on the same insurance company you have in your home state?


If you buy a car in a state and bring it to another state where do you pay taxes?

state where vehicle is registered

Can an auto insurance co refuse to pay for my car and injury when their insured was at fault just because my registered car was insured under my friends name and not mine in the state of California?

Yes here the car insurance firm can refuse your insurance claim as the car is registered in your friends name and not yours.

Can a student who goes to college out of state keep their car registered in their home state?

Yes, In fact it is required by law that your vehicle be registered and insured in the state of your primary or permanent residence. You are not required to transfer your registration nor your insurance to states where you reside on a temporary basis such as for school or Work.

Can a car be owned by a Coporation in one state and be registered and insured in another state if the car is garaged in that second state?

Yes. It's very common for businesses to do exactly that - register vehicles in a state other than where the company is incorporated - especially with commercial motor carriers. Each state will have certain criteria which will need to be met before a vehicle can be registered in that state. Usually, at least one of the requirements will be that the entity registering the vehicle own or lease property in that state.

Which state's auto insurance laws apply if a person is insured in the state where they reside but has an accident in another state?

The state where the policy was written.

Does a car you re not using have to be insured?

Generally speaking, no. If your state requires that a vehicle with a valid registration also have insurance you can usually seek a waiver from the state for vehicles that are rarely if ever driven.

Can you register a salvage title in Illinois?

A salvage vehicle cannot be registered or driven on the road. It must pass inspection from DOT and the Secretary of State and then issued a rebuilt title before being registered.

Can you work in one state and have a car registered in another?

Sure, Lots of people work outside of their home state. Just remember that the Law requires your vehicle be registered in your state of residence, not the state you work in.

Is there any way you can insure your car in another state from which you live?

In most cases you need to insure the car with a policy written in the state that the vehicle is registered. Many states require that the insurance companies report the vehicles that they are insuring to the state for cross reference of motor vehicle registrations. So if you live in state A and your vehicle is registered in state A but insured in state B then state A will think that your vehicle is not insured and revoke your vehicle registration. Now if you live in state A but register and insure your vehicle in state B then you run the risk of not adhereing to the law that says you must register the vehicle in the state of your primary residence. If you have a legitimate reason for doing this such as a second residence in another state at which you keep a vehicle then you should have no problem doing this. If you are doing it to avoid higher taxes or insurance premiums then you will be doing something illegal.