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Can a car be registered in one state while the title and drivers license is from another state?


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2006-04-22 12:05:55
2006-04-22 12:05:55

YES! I bog-uht 2nd hand car went to sell - found out 20 yr old out of state lien "owed" on car! I junked car, lesser of 2 evils!


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If your drivers license is revoked in one state, can you get a drivers license in another state?

No you cannot get a drivers license in Florida if you have had your license suspended in another state.

To register a car in a state, you have to have a license in that state.

so whats your question???you can register a car in any state as long as you have a current and valid drivers license, the two dont have to be from the same state. for a while i had a NV DL, with my car registered in AZ, i even had the insurance on the can in NV. so i know is possible.

No. Not until your license is reinstated in your state. No state will give you a license until you clear that up.

No. Federal states that if you have a CDL in one state, you cannot have any other drivers license in any other state.

No. All of the states employ a "one driver license, one road" system. This means that when drivers license is suspended in one state, you cannot get a drivers license in another, until the problem is resolved in the original state.

Depending on your state, if you vote OR have a drivers license, you are already registered.

Legally you may posess only one drivers license and that must be issued by the state you reside in. All state DMV's share their drivers license and court ruling information with one another.

Legally you can only possess a drivers license/permit from the state in which you RESIDE. Therefore, you may work in another state but you can only have a license from your HOME state.

If you are referring to a drivers license/permit - - you may not legally possess a drivers license/permit from other than your state of legal residence.

Yes, as long as you have property where you have the license from.

No. You are only allowed to have one drivers license - issued by the state in which you maintain your legal residence.

You can have a vehicle registered in your name. If your licence is suspended, you simply can't drive it.

Legally that is not allowed. You cannot hold a license in more than one state at a time, and a suspended license counts.

You can only be licensed in the state where you hold legal residence.

If your license is suspended in one state, you cannot get in another. There is a central database that all states access before granting a drivers license to another person.

No, because you have to wait about a month before you get another license. After that, you are permitted to drive in any state, and the have it on record that you lost your license.

No. All state DMV's share their information with one another -AND- it is unlawful to possess a drivers license from any state but your state of residence.

If you have an active suspension in another state, they will find out.

You have a license in Arizona. Having one from another state would be illegal.

No, you can only have one license be it provisional or full.

No you cannot. If your license is revoked in one state, you have to have it reinstated before you can obtain a license in another state. Additionally, you can only receive a licence in your state of residence, so, even if your licence wasn't suspended, you would have to move and establish residence in another state before you could get a licence there.

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