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not sure which Hill & Associates you mean. Can a car be repossessed from repair shop?": YES

Hold that thought because here in Ohio if a car is up for repossesion and it is sitting at a repair facility and a bill is owed on the car for repairs it cannot be repossesed unless the repair bills are paid to the shop. the shop owner has the right to hold the car and notify the bank or finance company. they will either pay the bill to the shop and retrieve it or write it off. At that point if the shop owner cannot get the person to pick up the car they can file for a title for the vehicle.

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Q: Can a car be repossessed from repair shop?
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Can a car be repossessed from a repair shop in Philadelphia?

yes. it is up for repo

Can a car be repossessed from repair shop in nc when repair shop is closed?

So long as the repossession agents don't enter a closed building or cross a locked gate in order to do it, yes.

Is it true that a lender cannot put a repo on your credit if the car is being repossessed at a repair shop having actual repairs done?

Gina, if the repoman picks it up. its a REPO. Ya cant hide the car in a repair shop.

Can a car be repossessed if it is at a repair shop?

Not until the work on it is done and is released by the person who had the work authorized, but until then it's in their hands.

Is it possible for your car to be repossessed if you owe money on something else?

Possible?? YES. IF your loan is CROSS-COLLATERALIZED with another loan, YES. IF you owe repair bills on the car, the repair shop can repo it if you dont pay.

Can your car be repossessed by an auto repair shop if you own the title to it?

Yes if you owe for repairs. But you may need to check state to state laws.

Can your car be repossessed by an auto repair shop if you owe for repairs?

not in the U.S. don't know about other countries It can't be repossessed as far as I know, but the mechanic can place a mechanic's lien on the car in most, if not all U.S. states.

What research should one do before buying repossessed cars?

Before buying repossessed cars, you should first research the frequency of repair and maintenance costs on the models in auto-related consumer magazines. You can also ask for the car's maintenance records from the owner, dealer or repair shop.

Can a car be repossessed after it is paid for if the buyer has a side note for a car repair that has not been paid in full?

Yes. Pay the repair bill off, ASAP.

Should you trust a car dealership to repair car or go to a repair shop?

go to a repair shop because they can do more work and they can also order parts from the dealership

Can a repair shop release a car with bad brakes?

A repair shop can release a car with bad brakes if they were not asked to repair the brakes or the customer refused service. It is then the responsibility of the customer to have them repaired.

What is it called where you get your car fixed?

A repair shop?

What is meant by brake repair shop?

A brake repair shop is where you take your car to get your brakes serviced when they are bad. Some of the brake repair shops are Goodyear, Midas, Car X, Firestone, etc.

What kind of software is used for car repair?

The software used for car repair is Trackum Software available at Repair Shop Software. Other softwares one can try are Auto Shop Software, Auto Repair Shop Management Software found at All Systems Max.

What is the best auto repair shop to go to if you have a problem with your car transmission?

It is always best to go with a repair shop that specializes in both the type of repair you need as well as the make of vehicle you have. Therefore, for a car transmission repair, it is suggested that you find a shop that specializes in repairing transmissions.

Which car repair insurance is advertised on t.v. stating that they will pay directly to your repair shop?

What Co. advertising Car repair Insurance on TV?

How can I get an estimate on how much it would cost to repair my car?

You can get an estimate by placing a call or going into the repair shop or auto body shop and requesting a rough estimate on the cost it would take to repair your car

Why types of work does a body shop do on your car?

A body shop makes repairs to the body (outside structure) of your car. For example, they can repair your car after a collision, paint the exterior, or repair scratches and dents.

How can I repair my cars tire?

If you want to repair your car tire because your car tire got a hole in it, then you should take it to Gilbert and Renold's Car Tires and Repair Shop. They will be able to repair your car tire.

Can car be reposed from repair shop in California?


How do you repair air conditioning?

By taking the car to an A/C repair shop. Not a DIY job.

How much does a repair shop charge when you decide to junk a car instead of repair?


Can a car radiator be fixed?

yes, a car radiator can be fixed in a repair shop

What happens if you get your car repossessed?

if i get my car repossessed, can they put a llien on the house?

Should I hire an auto body shop to repair my rocker panel?

It is always wise to use a professional when getting work done on your car. If your neighbor has experience in car repair or has previously worked on a car for you that you feel comfortable with, then it is an option. You are only likely guaranteed with a body repair shop though, that they will repair your car properly.