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Can a car be repossessed while it is impounded?


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Robert, read the contract where it mentions DEFAULT. Default is not JUST making payments on time. It usually covers having the required ins., NOT using the car in an illegal manner. Whenever you are in default, the lender can repo. YES, it can be repoed from the impound. On an involuntary tow, the impound is required to notify the LEINHOLDER and the owner.

As a matter of fact I dearly love to impound cars - then find out there is repossession order out of them because then I ALWAYS get paid by the lienholder.

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No. However, if you're caught driving on a suspended license, your car may be impounded.

yeah any car can be impounded

No. However, if it's parked on a public roadway with an expired registration, it may be impounded, however.

Call 911 to report the car stolen. If it has been repo'd or impounded they will tell you.

Contact local police station in the town where the car was impounded. they should have that information available

if i get my car repossessed, can they put a llien on the house?

Yes, you can sell an impounded vehicle, Unless the car has a hold on it in connection with a crime, in which case there would be no storage fees. Mind you, the buyer is liable for any tickets that go to the plate that was on the car at the time of impound.

no they take the car and everything in it.

Your car was probably repossessed by the lender who owns the car until you pay for it. Call your lender and they will be able to tell you how to locate your repossessed car.

No, a car can not be repossessed due to having no registration. A car can be repossessed for non payment. The police can have a car towed to an impound lot if there is no registration.

No, but your car can be repossessed if you don't make the payments.

Your car has obviously been towed away and impounded so you are going to have to find out what towing company took it. If you have been in an accident then it's in a police impound. May not be in a police impound unless they are doing an investigation which requires it to be impounded. It depends on where it is. Was it repossessed? Was it left on the side of the road? Was it parked in a no parking zone? Was it parked in a reserved spot?

when a car is impounded you can get it back, by showing paperwork and paying some fees. when your car is seized, its gone, you can't have it.

if the car dealership does not pay for the car in full or pay their bills then the car would most likely be repossessed

It depends on the legal jurisdiction, and the decision of the officer who made the stop. But, yes, in many locales you car can be impounded.

well You see it all depends on what the car was Impounded for if its for a felony offense they can keep it if they want to if it is a misdemeanor offense then you need to find out where your car is and then the police precinct that impounded it will have everything you need to know. BETTER ANSWER** have someone fly it over

Answer Stolen cars are impounded for a few reasons. One would be that the Police might want to check it for finger prints. Another reason that the car would be impounded is if it was stolen, and the police think it was stolen too easily, they might want to check for Insurance Fraud and last but not least, they might impound a car while trying to find the owner.

When a car has been repossessed the person paying the insurance should cancel it.

what is a lien fee when your car is inpound

The location of the vehicle is not critical. As long as it can be seen and does not require breaking and entering, the vehicle can be repossessed.

If you have actual proof that items were missing when your car was impounded you can show the proof to the judge that is hearing your case. If you do not have proof, and already signed the paper releasing your car there is not much you can do.

Legally it is the owner. Morally it would be whoever caused it to be impounded in the first place.

Yes, if your car is related in an accident or crime it can be impounded for being part of it.

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