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Yes, depending on the state. In Florida you have 3 days after finishing a transaction to return it by law whether it be a vechicle or a health club membership.

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Q: Can a car dealer tell you to bring a car back 3 days after the deal has been done?
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Before 30 days can you bring de car back to dealer?


If you buy a car and have five days to keep it and after the five days you dont think you can pay for it can you take it back?

A contract is a legally binding agreement unless it states otherwise. If the contract says you have five days to bring it back, you can bring it back. A dealer may be nice enough to let you bring it back if you explain the circumstances but after it leaves their lot, they usually do not care.

Does a auto dealer have the right to back out of a contract for a new car two days after the paperwork has been signed?

No they have already signed the papers agreeing to the contract

Can a car dealership take back a car after 45 days?

They can elect not to but if the car has lemon problems you can bring it back. Needs to be well documented. I dealer can take a car back whenever it feels like, but many don't want a car back. You will lose money on it. They will not give you back your full investment.

Can a dealer take back a car 6 days after you signed the contract?


Can you return a vehicle if owned less than 30 days because service lights are appearing TX?

You can return it for service, but unless you were given an express warranty (in that the dealer lied to you about the vehicle) you can't bring it back for good.

Can the dealer call five days after buying a car and say the deal fell through and it will cost 50 dollars a month more?

It depends. Sometimes dealers will let a customer take the car while they try to get the financing approved. They will have you sign a form that says if the financing is not approved, you will bring the car back or re-do the deal. The reason they do this is to get the customer to take "mental ownership". They think that after you've had the car for a few days and shown it to your family and friends that you will pay the higher payment because you don't want to tell people you weren't approved. The way to deal with this is to be firm. You must be willing to bring the car back and start over or else the dealer will get their way. Tell the dealer that you want the deal you agreed to or you will bring the car back. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at

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Can a dealer take a car back?

Im having car problems I just have days that I took it out from the dealership can I take it back and take another car out?

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What happens if you buy the car and before the first payment you been having problems and it's been back at the dealer more than you driving it?

Contact you State Attorney General and find out if your state has a Lemon Law. Keep accurate and detailed records of all repairs. The number of times it was in for repair, days out of service, etc. Allow the dealer a resonable amount of time to repair the vehicle. Keep taking it back until it is fixed or they say they can't fix it.

Can you return a car after 3 days?

Only if the selling dealer agrees to take it back. Otherwise it is yours and there is no legal way to return it.

Can a dealer take back their car within 3 days of purchase?

No, once you buy it and the title is signed, it is yours until you sell it.

How long dues the Car dealer ship legally have to hold the repossessed vehicel before legally selling it?

is it true that a dealer have to hold a car for twenty one days before they can sell it after it has been repossed

In Florida can you return a new car within 30 days?

That is all depending on the dealer. Some dealers will tell you up front that you can when they most likely have some type of special running. Also, you would have to bring it back with a certain amount of miles and very minimal or no interior/exterior wear. hope this helps

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Do you have three days to return a car in Illinois?

There are NO RETURNS! There is no federal law requiring a car dealer or a person selling a car to take a car back. The only exceptions are where the dealer voluntarily offers to take a car back or certain transactions in California that are covered by the California Car Buyers Bill of Rights.

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How long can you drive a vehicle without tags in Arkansas after the title has been signed over to you?

30 days, I believe (with temporary tags from Dealer)

Can you bring back a used car to a dealership 2 days after you purchased it and got into an accident?

Sure, if you want to. Are they required to do anything about it, like fix it for free or give you your money back? No, they are not.

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Can you return a car in SC after so many days after you bought it?

There are NO RETURNS! There is no federal law requiring a car dealer or a person selling a car to take a car back. The only exceptions are where the dealer voluntarily offers to take a car back or certain transactions in California that are covered by the California Car Buyers Bill of Rights.