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Q: Can a car run with cracked cylinder head?
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How long can a car with cracked cylinder head run?

If it's mixing coolant with the motor oil, not for long.

Will a car still run if it has a cracked head?

Yes, it will run but the coolant will mix with the oil and eventually destroy the engine. An engine with a cracked head should not be driven until the head is replaced.

Why do car run hot and white smoke from exhaust?

This can be caused by a cracked head or blown head gasket.

Can a crackedhead make a car run hot?

Depending where it is cracked, yes. A cracked head can also simulate an overheated engine by pushing coolant out of the coolant reservoir.

What would cause a 2001 turbo beetle to over heat?

Cooling system low on fluid Cooling system air lock Radiator fan not working Thermostat failiure Head gasket blown Cylinder head cracked Block cracked. Most garages can run a couple of tests to determine which of the above is causing the car to overheat.

Can a car run with a cracked head?

Technically is possible. Of course if you intend to repair it - the more you drive it (if it will start) the more you destroy the engine.

Dodge Dakota number 2 cylinder not firing changed wires and plugs still number 2 not firing?

Run a compression test on #2 cylinder. You either have a burnt valve or cracked head.

Will your car still start and run if you have a cracked head?

Yes it can but you risk doing more damage internally if coolant is mixing with the motor oil.

Can you still drive with a blown head gasket?

If it is cracked, the vehichle may be driveable, but if it's blown, there's not going to be any cylinder compression and the engine won't run.

Car shaking accelerate white smoke goes away then overheating?

Blown head gasket or cracked head. STOP driving this car NOW. Serious engine damage will occur if you continue to run this engine in this condition.

What can cause white smoke from the exhaust from a 98 Mitsubishi eclipse?

You have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. STOPdriving this car immediately until you have it repaired. You will destroy this engine if you continue to run it.

Changed plug and COP Still says misfire on 4 plug WHY?

Can be a defective plug wire, burnt valve, cracked head, or blown head gasket. Replace the spark plug wires. If you still have the miss, have a compression test run on all cylinders. Low compression on cylinder #4 indicates a burnt valve, cracked head, or blown head gasket.

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