Can a cat be transsexual

Updated: 9/15/2023
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In most likely worlds, no. Cats likely do not have a gender identity, only their sex. Cats are driven directly by their hormones and cannot perceive themselves as anything but what they are. It takes a thinking mind (self-aware) to be transsexual: it is a state of perception.

There is, in fact, a surgery that changes a male cat into a female one, of sorts. However, the surgery doesn't have anything to do with how the cat feels about their role in society. It is actually to correct a medical problem with cats that is becoming more and more common. The urine of a cat who has this disorder has a very high pH and so struvite crystals form, blocking the urethra and causing pain and bleeding. To correct this issue when there is continued blockage, they will do a surgery that shortens the urethra and reforms the organs into something similar to a female.

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Q: Can a cat be transsexual
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