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You are now able to use your cell phone to connect to the internet. This feature is called tethering. This can be done on a regular phone, you no longer need a smartphone to utilize the Internet through your phone.

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The only way to connect to Internet without using WiFi is to have a data package with your cell phone provider.

you don't wifi is already in the phone

You cannot use a regular cell phone to either connect to the internet via a wifi hotspot or make voip calls. Just buy another phone which are wifi enabled...

no you must connect with ethernet cable or WiFi

If you have wifi, you can connect to the internet. Or you must use real money to buy a picture on your phone

A wifi will only give you internet connection when you are within the coverage range of your cell phone provider. If you have cell phone service, you will have an internet connection. If you are in a dead zone for your cell phone coverage, you will not have an internet connection.

A wifi phone is just a phone that can use wifi. You would connect it to a wifi network to get a better signal for faster web browsing than a cell tower.

Perhaps because you want to browse the internet on your cell phone?!

I am pretty sure you don't have to have a phone plan to go on the internet where you have WiFi, but I know when you have the phone plan you can get WiFi where ever you have Cell Phone Service..

I got awcc gprs in my cell phone, I want to connect my phone to my laptop to use internet, I do not know how to do it

No, you can't. But you can connect to the internet using the cell phone operator (verizon, at&t and so on), it might be free.

Of course you can connect you cell phone to internet. Most of the recent cell phones are practically handheld computers. One can receive emails, send emails, can do web surfing on cell phone. If your cell phone is an old model not having internet facility then you can not add anything to make it connectible to internet, the only option in that situation is to buy new cell phone like blackberry.

One of the downsides of many high end smart phones is the low cap on the data plans that are generally sold with the phone. By choosing wifi cell phones instead of phones that can only connect to the internet through a data plan, you can access the internet for free when a wifi connection is present. Use the wifi connection on your phone to do data intensive chores like downloading videos and games while you are at home, and then watch them without worrying about your data usage while you're out. Wifi can save quite a bit of money.

No, wifi uses the internet in your house, school, or where ever you are. You won't be charged for data from your cell phone provider.

no the itouch will only connect to a wifi network it has no cellular capabilities

Anywhere there is a wifi signal you have the password for. 3G models can get internet anywhere their carrier's cell signal reaches.

A wifi connection to a router connected to the internet, or a cell phone with internet access through bluetooth tethering

it is a usb that has a similar anatomy to a cell phone. it uses cell towers to connect to the internet.

Boost mobile is the cheapest cell phone prepaid plan. Not only does it include cell phone service, it has wifi and mobile internet access and texting.

No. If you bought your iPad with 3G it is like a cell phone service with wifi

You can't "make" your cellphone have WiFi capablity unless it came with it. Smartphones are the only phone that have WiFi capablity most of the time. If you want wifi, get a smartphone.

If you have a cellphone that is able to connect to a WiFi network you can use that. Also you can have a 3G phone and use wireless internet directly from your phone. The good thing about having faster internet connections that WAP is that now you can actually do web browsing on sites like: and such. - Cheers

Cell phones that do not have a current cell phone plan can usually be used in the case of an emergency to call for help. Smart phones can also be used to do many things like play games and music and connect to the internet using WiFi.

WIFI and Bluetooth are both wireless communication protocols. WIFI is usually used to allow laptops to connect to the internet via a WIFI hotspot or to allow two devices in a home network to communicate without stringing wires, and has a maximum range of about 100 meters. Bluetooth is usually used to connect two devices that are within a few feet of each other, such as a headset and a cell phone.

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