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Q: Can a chameleons tail break off and then regrow after that?
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What does rapid mitosis allow a lizard to do if its tail is cut off?

It allows the lizard to regrow its tail.

What animal's tail breaks off when caught by a predator?

Lizards can lose their tail and regrow it if captured by a predator.

If a puppy tail get cut off will it grow back?

No it will not grow back. Dogs do not have the ability to regrow limbs.

Will a robin regrow its tail?

Sometimes the tail grows back and sometimes it doesn't, it depends how the tail got off. If the robin was ill and the illness affected the tail then the tail would grow back but if the robin got hurt or ran over and the tail swung off then the tail would not grow back.

Can black ghost knife fish regrow 1cm of tail and fins this is very important?

Fish can regrow fins (they never quite look the same, but they do regrow, usually pretty fast if your water quality is good and there is no complication with either fungal or bacterial infection). They cannot, however, regrow body parts. If part of the ghost knife fish's tail as well as 'fin' has been chomped off, it can heal, but will never regrow.

How do you pick up a lizards?

Lizards should always be gently lifted from underneath with your hands supporting their bellies, and never by their tail. Their tail will probably break off as a defensive tactic, and very few lizards will regrow their tail if if breaks off.Lizards may be frightened by your attempt to pick them up. With some practice, they will calm down about it.

What will happen if a predator caught an iguana's tail?

It's tail can break off and it will grow back.

Why does Lizard's tail move after falling off?

It is a surviving technique; so the lizard can redirect the attention of its enemy to the tail that if moving constantly which will give the lizard an opportunity to get away. The tail will regrow over a period of time.

How do geckos defend them self?

They make a hissing noise and if the predetor bites its tail it will fall off it can regrow its tail but will never be the right shape again! other than that they rely on their speed and camoflage.

How do you prevent from tail lights staying on the whole time?

If your referring to tail lights just turn off your headlights and they will turn off. If your referring to break lights take your foot of the break pedal.

Can a cats tail break off?

my mate joe was swinging a cat by the tail when he was three and the tail broke off and the cat ran away to die, his mam was taking photos of it, they are still about. Sickos

Do bettas tails break off?

No, but a betta can get fin rot, which can damage the fins and tail.

What causes a horses tail to break off?

Sometimes frostbite, or by not cleaning it or taking care of it.

What vertebrate can break off its tail if caught?

g faddish dog Digi FDA

Do chipmunks have detachable tails?

Chipmunks have detachable hair around the last two inches of their stubby tails. If any tail came off that had bone in it, it would not regrow.

Can you pick up a lizard?

Yes, you can pick lizards up. However, if you have a lizard that hasn't been handled by people very much, it may be frightened by being picked up. With practice, they will learn that being picked up is ok for them.Lizards should always be gently lifted from underneath with your hands supporting their bellies, and never by their tail. Their tail will probably break off as a defensive tactic, and very few lizards will regrow their tail if if breaks off.

Will anything happen to your bearded dragon when the tail breaks?

First off its tail shouldn't break and if it does it wont grow back!take it to the vet.

What makes a horses tail break off?

I have been around horses for decades and have yet to see a horses tail "break" off. They can be cut, pulled and scraped off. This is from abuse by humans or other horses, but that is only partial amounts of the tail's hair. Perhaps you could help us a little and explain what you mean by break off? If you meant the tail hair itself then that can be caused from several things. The hair could be brittle due to missing nutrients, being dried out by the sun, or even from excessive shampooing of the tail hair. It would be best to consult with your equine veterinarian about what to do for this.

Which animals can regenerate lost body parts?

Worms can, and starfish too. If a salamander is being attacked, then its tail falls off. That distracts the predator long enough for the salamander to make a quick getaway. It can then regrow the tail and eventually be good as new.

Will a chameleon died if you cut its tail off?

Yes. Chameleons can not regenerate any of their body parts and are different to other lizards who can. It is cruel to cut off an animals body part just to see if it will grow back.

Your toenails fall off and regrow is this normal?

Yes it is normal

Can stick insects regrow a limb?

yes they can if it breaks off they can

Why does your tail lights stay on after you turn off engine?

The switch on the break pedal needs to be adjusted or replaced.

How do chameleons drink?

They shoot water off leaves with their tongues.

What is the use of the lizard tail?

Lizards have tails mostly to help them keep balance when they are crawling and climbing. Small lizards also have an interesting use of their tail; if they are being chased by a predator, their tail can snap off! This means that the predator might be fooled into thinking they caught the lizard, but really it got away! The tail will regrow completely in one or two weeks.