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Can a chicken incubate a duck egg?


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YOU can incubate duck eggs in a incubator like cicken eggs but chicken eggs take 21 days to hatch and ducks take 28 days to hatch.

A chicken must incubate her egg before it can hatch.

Neither a duck nor a turkey can fertilize a chicken egg. they are different species.

Two chicken eggs equal one duck egg.

It doesn't hatch and ultimately rots.

Typically, a duck egg is noticeably bigger and are off white as chicken eggs are white, green, blue and brown.

eggsof course the chicken egg.because chickensit on its egg more than a duck. mohamed basithChicken eggs take 21 days to hatch, Duck eggs take about 28 days to hatch.

Most duck eggs are larger than a chicken egg. PoultryTalk's Response: Smell the egg, duck eggs have a scent chicken eggs dont. Also most are glossy and sometimes they are a greenish color. Also duck eggs are usually thicker.

The comparative protein in chicken verses duck eggs is small.Chicken DuckWater: 70.83g / 74.57gKcal 158 / 185Protein 12.14g / 12.81Lipids 11.15g / 13.77g

You get a dead chicken, or duck. But you can get a chicken/duck tree, depending on the season, lighting, and waterness.

Depends on where the egg comes from! 100 grams of boiled chicken egg has 155 calories 1 duck egg has 129.5 calories 1 turkey egg has 135 calories

Well, this one is easy. A chicken lays a chicken egg. Any rumors that a chicken would lay a duck egg are just false...only ducks lay duck eggs. The eggs chickens lay are always chicken eggs.

Check for embryos by candeling them(placing a light on the egg) and if they are still alive incubate them.

Slightly larger than a chicken egg.

just like you take care of a chicken egg

Put the duck egg under another broody hen or bring it inside and place it in an incubator.

do you mean the temperature of the egg? or temperature in hence of Environment? the egg has to be in an incubate temperature to succeed in hatching. Google "egg temp to hatch"

chicken egg 7 grams . duck egg 15 grams

No, the egg has to be fertilized by the male duck for a chick to grow in the egg This is why when you crack open a chicken egg to fry, there is no chick inside.

Chicken eggs that you buy in the grocery store are not fertile and will not hatch. In order to raise a chicken from an egg, you start with a fertilized egg and incubate at a temperature of 99.7 degrees for 21 - 23 days, turning several times a day.

Some duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs. Some are smaller.

Certain Peope are allergic to the proteins in the white of the duck egg which are entirely different from hose in a chicken egg

A duck chicken is a chicken as the mom and the dad as the duck.

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