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Q: Can a child come to US with their mother who has a green card?
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If a mother has brown eyes and a father has brown eyes can their child have green eyes?

yes because the green eyes can possibly come from there grandma and grandpa or uncle or aunt.

What can happen if you come to the US with out green card?

well first of u can go to jail and they will deport you so apply for green card first

How can you get a Mother's Day card in a day?

come on cant you make a card for her in a day? go on make it you know you can

If a child lives with the grandparents can the mother come with pilice to take the child?

It depends on who has legal custody.

Im Italian do you need a green card?

what do you mean?are you asking if you need a green card to come or work in the united states,or if anyone needs a green card? 'cause I'd need one..I'm Italian too,by the way..

Does the citi card come in more than just blue?

The Citi Card does come in more colors than just blue. The color of the credit card depends on which card is chosen. For example they have a green Forward card and a black Diamond card.

Can you fly to and other Country with out a green card?

Do you mean will the U.S. will let you back in without a green card? yes if you have a valid visa, such as a B1 visa or H1B visa. You can also apply for an Advance Parole while you are waiting for your green card to come in.

What if a mother drops her child off with a friend and does not come back?

Report it to the authorities.

Do you need a green card for work experience?

No work visas are better for work experience, Green Cards come later

Does mitochondria in child come from father or mother?

It comes from the mother, since the sperm contributes only with its nucleus and centrosome.

If you come to America and get your Green Card can you work abroad and still remain a resident of US?

If you have a green card you are not allowed to leave the United States for an extended period of time. If you live and work in another country you could loose your green card. The way around this problem is to become Nationalized.

How many chromosomes come from a child's mother?

Exactly half of all chromosomes come from mother. The other half comes from father. This is true for ALL species that sexually reproduce.

If someone was deported and served their deportation time but their US green card hasn't expired can they just come back?

No. If you come back after being deported, but the green card isn't expired yet, you will, again, be deported (which will not look good on your part being deported twice).

How can a green card holder come back to us if stayed over a year in a different country?

If the green card holder had applied and had a reentry permit with him he can use that to reenter US. If not the green card holder needs to apply for a return visa (SB-1) for which he should contact closest US embassy or consulate.

Can a parents in India get us citizenship if their child is a us citizen?

No, US citizen child can sponsor for the parents to come to US. Once they get their green card either through consular process staying outside US or Form I-130 petition while in US, they are eligible to apply for US citizenship by naturalization process by filing Form N-400 after continuous stay in US as green card holders for minimum 5 years.

Can a mother come back to the father for child support after he has relinquished his parental rights eleven years ago?


Never come between a mother and her child?

NEVER! mothers will do anything possible to keep their children safe... :)

Why do people need a green card?

They need a green card so no one can come and tell you to get out of the us. Especially if you are an immigrant and it is proof that you are a permanent resident. You can now go to places like Canada, India, Kansas etc.

Where do gang members come from?

They come from their mother!! They come from their mother!!

What is a mother where does a mother come from?

mother is who takes care of you and mother come from god (Allah).

I need to replace my green card,for a permanent residence card. Can I make an appointment to come into your local office?

Yes, the brakes where designed to be bleed before street aplication

Can us green card holder visit his country for 4 months then come back to us for 3 months and go for 5 months?

i dont know ask the green card holder he is my uncle here is his number 9186658563

What are international students?

these are the students who live abroad ,that is, other then the country in which you are living and you have a green card .these students come to study for a period of time in your country may have had their parents living in your country before they were Born who do not hold the green card of your country.

Can the father of the child come in and take the child after the mother of the child has said no?

Yes..unless court has said otherwise. In fact if you have been denying the father access then you could lose custody.

Is there a minimum amount of time a green card holder must stay when they reenter the US?

I am applying green card for my parents. They are concerned that they may not be able to come USA and stay for more than 6 months each year, particularly since they are elderly and not in a great health. Is there a special rule for older people holding a US green card not to come USA every year but every two years?