Can a child of divorced parents be covered under both parents' insurance plans and if so does this need to be disclosed to the insurance companies?

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You only need to disclose it if they ask you. Which I'm sure they will on a claim form. You can't collect twice. Just up to the amount of the total bill. There are "supplemental" plans or individual plans that would pay twice.
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If you are a minor in need of car insurance do you have to be under a parent or guardian's insurance plan to drive?

As long as you hold a valid drivers license, you usually can obtain motor vehicle insurance as long as meet the insurance companies underwriting requirements, such as no tickes, no accidents, no suspensions, and do not ow any insurance company money. If you are young, usually the premium is high. Th ( Full Answer )

Is a divorced man's child covered by the significant other's insurance plan?

As far as I know, in most states the significant other would haveto legally adopt, or become the legal gardian of the child inquestion in order for that child to be classified as "dependant" onthe significant other. Your significant other cannot approvemedical procedures for the child, thus they can ( Full Answer )

If divorced parents both carry insurance and father's is primary can the mother file hers as primary?

Just file and when the question asks about other coverage - answer it honestly. I see so many questions on this site about primary - secondary and don't understand all the confusion. Just fill out the forms and wait for payment. I've search all over the Insurance Code ( Full Answer )

Whose insurance covers you if you drive a friend's car but only have a learners permit and your parents have the same insurance company?

Answer . \nI hope you're asking this before you need to know, not after.In most cases the insurance is on the car, not the driver, so it would be the car owner's insurance. Generally, the insurance will cover someone driving with the owner's permission, but there could be an exclusion for someone ( Full Answer )

When a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay unreimbursed medical expenses and both parents have insurance coverage for the child how can you prove the custodial parent has coverage when she denies it?

Answer . \nThe attorney representing the non-custodial parent can serve the custodial parent with a interogatory summons requesting proof of insurance or the lack thereof. If the parent wishing such information does not have legal representation, he or she may wish to contact the clerk of the cir ( Full Answer )

Will the parents' liability insurance cover a minor child who has not been added to the policy.?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nLiability insurance usually follows the vehicle not the driver. (unless the driver was specificly excluded in this case it cant happen because he's your son). As long as the car was insured and he was given premission to drive it, the insurance will be valid in court\n. \ ( Full Answer )

How is the primary policy for health insurance determined when a child is covered under both divorced parents' policies?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI would say use both insurance's because neither of them pay 100%. Use one insurance for primary and let the other insurance pick up what the other one doesn't pay. Kind of like a supplemental insurance.\n. \n Answer \n. \nAbsolutely use both. If you get to make the ( Full Answer )

Whose medical insurance covers your child if both parents are insured?

In order for your child to have insurance coverage, your child would need to be listed as a covered person on the policy, and a premium would need to have been collected for the child. Even if both parents are insured, if your child isn't on the policy and has not been considered as a portion of the ( Full Answer )

Can a child under eighteen divorce their parents?

Emancipation laws differ from state to state, or even at a county basis. Only about half the states allow it to happen. And if you do, you have to show that you can support yourself and not be dependant on your parents or the state for your welfare. So you should have good grades, a good paying job, ( Full Answer )

Can a hospital come after a non-custodial parent for expenses not covered by insurance if the custodial parent admitted the child to the hospital without consulting the non-custodial parent?

You share the parenthood of the child and so you also share expenses. It is not in any way practical for you to second guess treatments you will and will not pay for. The custodial parent has the decision making power, and even if you don't share their vision, it is best for the child not to get cau ( Full Answer )

Do you have to be a dependent to be covered by your parents insurance?

As from my experience most health insurance companies will provide coverage for unmarried children under age of 19 who are primary's applicant dependents.. A child will continue to be eligible until his/her 24 th birthday when attends college or has a permanent or continuing mental or physical imp ( Full Answer )

Can you get insurance on your parent?

Yes. It costs more if they are old or in bad health. If they die within two years you only get the amount you've paid.

Can you insure a parent under a company medical insurance policy?

Perhaps, if the parent is a bona fide dependent of yours. Do you claim the parent as such on your taxes?. Best to check with the insurance carrier and your particular plan's exclusions, etc.. No, Only the following family sizes are allowed. (A) One adult (B) One adult and any children (C) Two adul ( Full Answer )

Is a non licensed child that drives parents car covered under parents insurance?

No, the unlicensed child is not covered under the parents policy unless that child is a scheduled driver on the parents policy.. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on public roads with out a drivers license. Most parents already know that.. It is also illegal to operate that vehicle on publi ( Full Answer )

If your brother had a child at 1 he lost his parental rights and the child got adopted he was divorced but the ex-wife is still as a beneficiary who gets the insurance money ex-wife or parents?

I'm not totally sure what you are asking but it sounds like the child died. If the child died and the child was insured, the money will go to the beneficiary listed on the policy. If your brother surrendered parental rights, this child is no longer his, so I seriously doubt he has any claim whatso ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to have a car in your name and have it under your parents insurance plan with you as a driver with out the car being owned by your parents?

If you are in the UK, then yes, this is fine.. A few years ago this used to work out cheaper for getting an insurance quote, but the insurance companies have caught onto this, and the quote you get will be pretty much the same as if you were to insure in your own name.. Anyone can own a car, and a ( Full Answer )

Are teens covered under their parents auto insurance?

You have the option to add your teen to your auto insurance policy, or you can buy a "stand alone" policy from an agency that specializes in providing insurance for teens. Companies that provide car insurance for teens only place certain restrictions and requirements on teens' driving habits, such a ( Full Answer )

If a divorced parent has better insurance than the other is it illegal for the other not to disclose this information to the medical providers?

The medical providers themselves don't enter into the equation. As part of the divorce settlement the court awarded the primary custody of the child(ren) to the parent it was thought to be the best one to have primary custody. The divorce/and child support agreement should have addressed the questio ( Full Answer )

Can both parents claim a child in a divorce for taxes?

No, only one parent can claim a child as a dependent in any given tax year. Whoever the child stayed with more gets to claim them. In a 365-day tax year, the parent who had the child for at least 183 days get to claim them. If the child stayed with both parents exactly 50% of the time, whoever the c ( Full Answer )

Is a child under their parents insurance when they get their learners permit?

Yes. Each state handles insurance differently so you might want to just make sure with someone in your state. The easiest way to explain car insurance to prersons without any insurnace trainin is this. Insurance follows the car. If you insure the car then who ever drives the car the damage is insure ( Full Answer )

When does the non-custodial parent's medical insurance coverage stop for a child of divorced parents?

It would depend on why it stopped. If the non-custodial parent lost his or her job and their medical insurance along with it, the courts may not expect the unemployed parent to maintain medical insurance if doing so would be financially impossible. However, child support would continue as all states ( Full Answer )

Are dependents covered on auto insurance of deceased insured parents?

No one is automatically covered unless you ad them to the policy. If someone passes away with an active auto policy and a vehicle, the administrator of the estate will have the right and responsibility to take care of the policy. This person needs to contact the insurance agent and they can assist i ( Full Answer )