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Yes a child can sue a parent for unpaid child support if there was a child support order.

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Q: Can a child sue for child support after the age of 18 if the father has never paid a penny?
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How much do you pay for child support if the father is not married to the mother?

If the father is not married to the mother your mum doesn't have to pay a single penny

If in 31 years you only saw your father a couple of times and never paid you a penny in child support. he recently died. how can i collect?

If there was never an order for support, you're SOL. If he did owe unpaid support, you could try filing a claim against his estate, but I'm betting you're SOL there, also.

Can 1099 contractors be garnished for child support in Ohio?

I live in Ohio. I was awarded child support in August of 2012. My ex husband is an independent contractor. I was told by my child support case worker that since he is a 1099 it will be very difficult to have his wages garnished for child support. I am pursuing having him served and taking him to court. I have not received a penny of support thus far. Is there a way to have a 1099 wages garnished or should I just give up hope of ever getting the child support I was awarded?

What is the most that can be garnished for child support?

They can garnish no more than 100% of your check at a time. Yes, they can take every single penny.

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You are 26 with a family of your own your mom who you do not live with received a large back child support payment from your dad last month and refused to give you a penny Can she legally do this?


If a parent receives child support and saves it for personal use rather than use for the child's benefit can that grown child or the parent who paid the support sue for those misappropriated funds?

There's no legal requirement that every penny of child support be accounted for and documented as being spent specifically for the child's exclusive benefit. You can talk with an attorney if you like, but your chances of prevailing in such a case are likely somewhere between slim and none, unless the "misappropriation" was blatant (in which case, why didn't you do something about it at the time, like petitioning the court to modify the custody/support order?).

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Child works part-time does that affect child support obligation from non-custodial parent?

absolutely NOT, the child is working part time for extra spending money, not for self-support, this should not even come into question, the child deserves every penny for shelter food and education from BOTH parents until such a time that school is finished and the child has reached age of majority and can go out into the world to earn his/her own lively hood.

Is there a bill that terminate child support if a father find out he is not the father?

I do not know if there is a bill to terminate a support order once paternity is establish but I do know it can be terminated. My husband found out after a DNA test that his 10 yr old son was not his after all, so he went to court and the judge dropped the support order. His son is now 17 yrs old and he still loves him as his own and nothing in that aspect has changed but we are not obligated to pay another penny. We only do for his son as he needs and we want. That sounds a lot more ignorant than I intended it to, we love his son unconditionally and no DNA test will ever stop them from being father and son. After 10 yrs a loving a child as your own you just can't turn the love off. That will always be his son in our eyes. The purported father must return to the court that issued the child support order and file the proper motions. He should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues to determine his rights and options under state laws.

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