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Yes they are allowed ! but muslim women cant marry a christian guy . Only man can marry any religon eg: indian

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CAN A SIKH girl marry a Muslim guy?

NO. A Muslim guy can marry only a Christian or a Jewish girl as a non-Muslim girl.

Are mixed marriages accepted or rare in Pakistan what are the chances of a Muslim guy marrying a christian girl?

A Muslim guy can marry a christian woman & he can also marry a Jewish woman. About the Muslim woman she can't be married to a non-Muslim guy.

What should a Christian guy do when she marry a Muslim girl?

A nonmuslim man cannot marry a muslim woman

Can Muslim woman to a marry a christian?

No, Muslim woman can't marry a Christian man. She can marry only a Muslim man. However, a Muslim man can marry a Muslim, a Jewish, or a Christian woman.

Can a Muslim girl marry a christian man?

NOT at all ! muslim girls are not allowed to marry christian only muslim boy can marry an religon . still muslim guys should marry only muslim girls .

Can a Christian male marry a Muslim female in Egypt?

As far as I know Muslim women are not to marry non-Muslim men, but it is permissible for a Muslim man to marry a Christian female.

Can a Muslim man marry a Jew and christian?

Yes, a Muslim man can marry a Jewish and/or a Christian woman.

Will any kind of preacher marry a Christian girl and Muslim man?

Answer: A Muslim man may marry a Jewish or Christian woman. Any Muslim Imam will marry them.

Can a Muslim Man marry a Christian women in the church?

A Muslim man surely can marry a Christian woman , but not in the church..

Can an Orthodox Christian woman marry a Muslim man?

An orthodox christian woman can marry a Muslim man if the couple wishes

Can a Muslim and a Christian get married?

A Muslim man and a Christian woman can get married. However... a Muslim woman cannot marry a Christian man.

Can a woman marry a non Muslim?

If she is Muslim she must marry only a Muslim man,if she is Christian or Jewish she can marry a Muslim man, andif she is neither Muslim, Christian, nor Jewish she can marry a Muslim man only if she converts to Islam, Christianity, or Judaism (of course preferably to convert to Islam religion).

Can Muslim women make marriage with Christian man?

No, Per Islam religion, Muslim woman can marry only Muslim man. Muslim man can marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman.

Can a Muslim man marry a divorced christian woman?

Updated AnswerYes, a Muslim man can marry a divorced or virgin Christian or Jewish woman.-ELO-AnswerA Muslim can marry any Cristian, Jew or another Muslim, as long as they make them Muslim too.(I'm Muslim)

Can a Christian women marry a married Muslim man?

A Muslim man is only allowed to marry Muslim, Christian or Jewish woman, but should be modest and conservative women.

Can a Christian man marry a divorced Muslim woman?

no he can not marry a muslim divorced woman unless he reverts to a muslim himself.

Can a christian woman marry a Muslim man?

yes a Muslim man can marry a christian or Jewish woman but he cannot marry a woman from any other religion. and a Muslim woman cannot marry a man with any other religion except Islam so she can just marry a Muslim man

Can a Muslim marry a Hindu woman?

No he can't , he can only marry any woman from the people of the book "Muslim , christian or Jewish " , but for Muslim woman she can only marry Muslim man .

Can a Muslim man marry a Christian girl without converting?

Yes ! I'm a Muslim so I'm talking from what Islam states. A Muslim man can marry either a Muslim/Christian/Jewish girl.

Who may a Muslim marry?

A Muslim man may marry a Muslim woman. He is permitted to marry a Christian or Jew woman provide she still believes in the oneness of Almighty Allah. A Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man.

Can Muslims marry outside their religon?

Yes, but with limitations. The Muslim girl can marry only a Muslim man or one converted to Muslim. The Muslim man can marry only a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish girl.

Can Muslim girl marry a christian guy with the nikkah ceremony or is it not allowed if not what is the reason and will the interfaith marriage be looked down apon islamically?

The answer is no, a muslimah cannot marry a christian man. A believing woman (i.e. a Muslim) can only marry a believing man, and vise versa. A christian cannot marry a Muslim by way of nikah is. In the nikah you swear by Allah to marry each other etc, and say short prayers in Arabic. Bubbamagik@hotmail.co.UK Sister Naila

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