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If the life insurance policy had listed as the beneficiary the spouse only then it is not considered part of the estate and is not subject to claims. If the beneficiary is the estate then it is subject to claims. The only problem with the spouse being the only beneficiary is if she was a party to the claims personally then perhaps she and the proceeds from the life insurance could be subject to these claims.

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Q: Can a claim on your dead husbands estate also include life insurance to spouse?
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What happens to husbands credit card debt if he dies?

The deceased's estate is going to be responsible. The spouse can be held as a beneficiary of the costs and by inheriting less from the estate.

Who is responsible for my deceased husbands medical bills in Florida?

Technically the estate is responsible for all the debts of the deceased. The spouse, through the estate, has to pay off the debts.

Are you responsible for your husbands medical bills?

The estate will normally be responsible. The spouse will indirectly pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

If the spouse is not a beneficiary of the estate are they still responsible for medical expenses?

The estate has the primary responsibility. Depending on the insurance, they may also have a responsibility.

Are you responsible for your deceased husbands debt if there is no estate?

The estate will be responsible, so it would be a good idea to open one. The spouse indirectly will pay, as they cannot inherit until they are resolved.

Can ex-spouse collect deceased husbands insurance if first deceased wife name is still listed as beneficiary?

No, an ex-spouse can't collect a deceased husbands insurance if the first wife is listed as beneficiary even if the fist wife is now deceased. The money will go to the beneficiary's heirs.

In California if a person is deceased who is responsible for medical debt?

The estate is responsible. It may become part of the spouse's responsibilities depending on the insurance and the estate.

If spouse passes away and beneficiary on life insurance is not spouse is spouse still responsible for burial?

The estate is probably responsible unless the will says otherwise. In most cases the person making the arrangement will have to pay for the funeral and ask the estate to reimburse them.

Do you have to include spouse on health insurance?

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Could a spouse cash a husbands auto insurance check for repairs?

No. The check must be endorsed by whomever the check is made out to. This will be the insured on the policy. If the spouse was not the named insured on the policy then she cannot legally endorse the check unless he gives her power of attorney or if he is deceased and she is designated as administrator of the estate by the court.

Do you need to include your non driving unlicensed spouse to your car insurance?

If your spouse has no drivers license and does not drive, then no, you don't have to include them on your auto insurance policy. Actually, they have to have a drivers license before they can be added to the policy.

If a spouse dies in Texas with no insurance what happens to vehicle?

Wether it has insurance or not is a moot point. The vehicle is generally part of the estate and is inherited by someone.

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