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Yes, it is possible. Good, well trained adjusters are capable of determining the difference between "striking" damage and "struck" damage.

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2011-01-03 19:06:00
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Q: Can a claims adjuster tell if your car damage is from hitting a car or from getting hit by a car?
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Is my undercarriage damage included in my estimate?

That would be determined by the claims adjuster. Check with him/her.

What is an adjuster?

An insurance claims adjuster is a person who decides how much money their company is going to give you for your loss.AnswerAn insurance claims adjuster is a person who coordinates damage reports, loss and damage repair estimates to assist the insurance company in determining the monetary value or repair cost of your loss.

What does an insurance adjuster do?

An insurance adjuster investigates insurance claims that are filed. They may accomplish this by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, talking to police, and inspecting the property damage.

How often do you need an insurance adjuster to actually come and look at auto damage in the course of a normal claim?

Depending on a claim an adjuster may not need to be on site. Minor claims are settled over the phone while major claims require someone in person.

Do you have to use the adjuster your insurance gives you for a damage estimate?

No, you do not have to use the Adjuster your insurance company gives you for a damage estimate. You can be your own adjuster by getting 3rd party bids for repair or replacement, along with any other covered expenses, like towing and a rent car and medical bills, add it all up and present to your insurance company for payment. Instead of presenting them to your adjuster, ask to work directly with the manager of that office, or go straight to the insurance company. I work as a Public Adjuster, for the Insured, not the Insurance Company. Public Adjusters usually work on property claims and they help homeowners collect the maximum amount possible after a fire or flood.

How does property damage insurance work?

Property damage insurance covers damage to property, usually with exclusions. The insured pays monthly premiums and files a claim for any damage that the property receives. The insurer then sends out a claims adjuster to inspect and come up with a monetary amount for the damage.

Is the insurance going to pay your car damages if they say we have finalised your claims which have been sent to the claim adjuster for final reviews?

It is likely that your claim will be paid, but it is not certain. The function of a claims adjuster is typically to examine how much a typical claim is worth. For example, if the damage to the car exceeds the bluebook value for the car pre-crash, the claims adjuster may choose to pay you the bluebook value rather than pay for repairs. However, some claims adjusters may be able to dispute the validity of the claim as well; it depends on the insurance company and it depends on your contract.

What is a letter of Subrogation?

A letter of subrogation is a letter that a claims adjuster uses to notify a third party who is liable for damages to something. This letter can also be used in the beginning process of the recovery of the damage.

What does an adjuster do that would constitute transacting insurance in other words what does an adjuster do that arises out of the insurance contract?

an insurance adjuster is called to assess the damage to the covered vehicle for repairs

How do you file car accident insurance claims?

If one is involved in an auto accident it is important to file a claim immediately. The process for insurance claims can vary but the general procedures after filing the claim are to schedule an inspection and speak with your adjuster. The adjuster will review the damage, the reports and any witness statements to assist in providing a cost estimate. Once the coverage has been determined the repairs can be done.

Can a property damage insurance company re-inspect your premises after their adjuster has done a complete inspection with damage estimates?


Does comprehensive auto insurance cover damage to your car from avoiding a deer and then hitting the curb I know it covers damage from hitting an animal but what about damage from avoiding one?

You still had a accident. What you hit was a curb.

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