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Q: Can a co borrower sell car without borrower consent?
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Can a cosigner take the car away from the borrower without permission from the borrower By towing it or using the second key to take the vehicle?

A co-signer is not an owner of the car. As such, the co-signer cannot take the car away from the borrower without the borrower's permission.

If two people are listed on a car's registration in CA can either of them sell the car without the others consent?

On the Title it will say "and" or "or" if it says "and" then no you can't but if it says "or" then one can sell it with out the others signature

Can a co-borrower of a car loan sign a pay agreement with a new car dealership to trade in the vehicle without the borrower's signature?

Nope, no way, abolutely not.

Can A Co Buyer Return A Car Without the Main Buyers consent?

yes you can return it without their consent,just take it back you just can't get another car without their consent,not using their information.

Can a car get reposessed without consent?

Oh, but there is consent. When you signed for that car loan, or you agreed to let a lien be on that car, you consented.

If lender mistakenly signs over auto title to borrower and borrower sales title who is libel?

A borrower should not have a title in their possession that they have borrowed money against. This belongs with the lender. Should the borrower sell the car, they would be libel.

Can a seventeen year old get car insurance without parental consent?

If you have the income to pay for the policy, most would sell to you. However, if you do not have a car, the reason to buy it is moot.

Can you sell your mortgaged car without your husband's consent?

Only if his name is not on the title, and you live in a state where you can do that, without violating duel ownership under your states marriage laws.

Can you sell a cr without the title?

no you may not sell a car without a title if you want to sell a car you need a title

Can you sell a car you are making payments co-borrower?

Co-borrowers would both have to agree to sell and sign the paperwork to sell a car you are making payments on. This could not legally be done by one person.

What can you do if the car shop agreed to fix your car but then sold it without my consent?

sue them

Can you sell a car without my title?

Depending on the state you're in and the year of the car then yes you can sell one without a title.

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