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Can a code P1383 in a 99 ZX2 be for some reason other than incorrect timing?


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yes the camshaft position is delay to de correct posision bank 1

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I'm not sure what the person above is trying to say.

P1383 Ford

Camshaft Position Timing Over Retarded

This is almost always caused by a bad timing belt. It can also be caused by a bad camshaft sensor (usually sets a P0340 code so isn't likely), or improper oil weight. Anything over a 30 weight oil will cause VCT issues. Also, debris in the oil system will interfere with the VCT. The code can also be caused by a faulty VCT solenoid.


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Incorrect timing can cause several problems. One of which is high idling. 5000 rpm sounds high though, there may be other problems as well.

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These have a timing belt . They stretch out and yours is old . If you can not time it or it is mis firing for no other reason , then it is most likely bad .

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The 2.7L has a timing chain. All other engines have a timing belt.The 2.7L has a timing chain. All other engines have a timing belt.

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the only timing marks are on the timing belt pulleys for installation of new timing belt other than that timing is not adjustable.

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one mark is used for inductive timing with a special timing tool and the other is for a conventional timing light

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