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Can a collection agency collect monies on a purchased debt from 1988 even if you don't have records to verify it?

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2006-12-08 07:03:39

They can TRY to collect the monies. It doesn't matter if you

don't have the records, what matters is DOES THE COMPANY YOU BOUGHT


credit history" and find a Cease and Desist letter to print up and

send cert. mail to the collection agency. This automatically stops

them from contacting you again and sends the debt back to the

original company. 2)Request a free copy of your credit report (I

believe the agency the govt set up is DO NOT

PAY FOR IT! You do NOT need to know your credit score, so if you

can get the 3 reports for free, but the scores cost you, just get

the reports. 3)Find out which credit bureau(s) has this debt

listed. 4)Send the bureau(s) a letter saying this debt is not a

true debt and for them to verify it with the company who claims it

is a valid debt. (This letter can also be found through step 1). If

the original company can verify the debt then crud-outta-luck. It

may be possible for them to garnish your wages but that involves a

lot of hassle and they generally won't do it. If they can't verify

it the debt is removed forever. Also google "Fair Credit Act". Good

luck. Personally, I wouldn't pay them jack-nothing.

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