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A collection agency can collect from someone on social security or disability. If you incurred a debt, you can be prosecuted.

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Q: Can a collection agency prosecute someone on supplemental security income?
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Can someone drop medicaid if they're on supplemental security income?

Certainly, although it wouldn't be a good idea.

What does it mean to prosecute someone?

hey peeps

Can you prosecute someone for taking your mail?

No, the U.S. Attorney will prosecute, at his or her complete discretion, after an investigation by the Postal Inspector.

What does threw the book at him mean?

To punish someone. It means to arrest and / or prosecute someone.

How do you prosecute someone for taping your conversation?

You don't prosecute someone for this, the District Attorney does. You would need to speak with your local police department and tell them what happened and they can get the ball rolling for this.

Can a collection agency report someone to the credit bureaus without having the person's Social Security Number?

Yes, they can.

Can a collection agency collect from someone on disability And if not how do you stop them?

I used to work for a collection agency, and as far as I remember, no you can't. That would be like trying to garnish a social security check. I don't think they can do that.

How do you prosecute someone who hacked email?

Sick the cops on him, it is a federal offense to hack someone else's email.

How do you prosecute someone for opening your mail?

If you want to prosecute something for opening your mail, you need to report it to your local post master. It can be hard to prove this many times.

What is a sentence using the word prosecution?

Some examples are: To prosecute is to accuse someone of something or put them on trial. You shouldn't prosecute someone unless you have solid proof.

What happens if you prosecute someone for stealing money?

The person you prosecute for stealing money could be fined and go to jail or both. You will have to face this person in court and be ready to present your evidence.

What is a supplemental judge?

It's someone whom will give you evidence based information on supplements.

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