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Can a collection agency pursue a debt for a vehicle repossession that is 13 years old?

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There is not a time limit on the collection of a debt. There are statute of limitations set by the state in which the debtor resides or in some cases where the debt was incurred that limits the time for which a lawsuit can be filed by the creditor/collector. It would seem that after the stated 13 years a lawsuit would not be possible with the exception of the debtor having changed the state of residency after the debt was defaulted.

2006-08-02 12:35:42
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Q: Can a collection agency pursue a debt for a vehicle repossession that is 13 years old?
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Can a collection agency pursue a minor?

Do not think that is legal because the minor is not able to borrow any money to collect.

Can a credit collection agency pursue payment on an account that has been closed for 10 years?

Yes, there is no statute of limitations on debt.

How do you pursue a tenant when they owe back rent in Florida?

File the information with a collections agency, and they will pursue the debt. Most collection agencies will also place the debt on the individual's credit report.

If the bank does a charge off for a vehicle because they can not locate it can it still be repossessed later by a collection agency?

Answeryes, if you are still in possesion of the vehicle and you have not paid, they will re-po the vehicle.AnswerSo can you still make the payments to the bank? In order to get out of repossion status?AnswerYes, a collection agency or other second/third party owns the note and they can pursue reposesion efforts. To answer the question aboove; It depends on the bank if they will allow payment arrangements. I would get a notice in writing from the bank stating the arrangements they have agreed upon, most often a representative of the bank will say anything to get in a payment and still have the repo contract open.

Can unpaid medical bills be reported on credit reports?

Yes, unpaid medical bills will be reported to credit bureaus not to mention the collection agency that the medical facility will pursue.

What does it mean when a second mortgage goes to a collection agency?

It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.It means the creditor wants its money and will pursue you in order that you pay that loan.

Can charges be filed against you if you co signed for a car and the creditor is trying to repo it?

Criminal charges are not applicable. Financial responsibility is to the extent the lender wishes to pursue collection of the debt including but not necessarily a lawsuit. An exception in some states of a person committing a criminal offense would be if a replevin order is in effect and the vehicle is deliberately "hidden" from the repossession agent.

What is the statute of limitations on an unpaid debt in south carolia state that a collection agency may pursue?

The limitation is 3 years. The start of that time is the last acknowledgement of the debt, which could a payment.

Can a collection company freeze bank accounts that contain disability pension and social security checks in Pennsylvania?

A collection agency cannot seize a bank account period. ALL SS benefits are exempt from creditors. A collection agency cannot threaten to take your property nor do they have the power to do so. They can inform you that the account is being referred to a collection attorney who can pursue legal action. Be that as it may, your bank accounts are safe. You can inform the agency and the bank in no uncertain terms if they attempt such an action, you are prepared to sue for damages. The only way to stop collection bullies, is to play offense not defense.

Can a debt agency pursue a debt from a non next of kin?

if you used them as a point of contact, that person can tell the collector not to contact them again and they must do so per the fair debt collection act.

How many years does an unpaid loan last?

A unpaid loan lasts forever or until it is lost. Basically if a lender is fed up with waiting to get paid it sells the loan to a collection agency which buys it at a fraction of the value. The collection agency upon purchase of the loan then has the right to pursue the person who's name is on the loan. Collection agencies are usually persistent and quite annoying, sometime even going out of their way to harass the debtor.

How do collection agencies decide which borrowers to sue?

There are costs associated with bringing a civil lawsuit and collection agencies want to be sure of the following: * There is a good chance that the collection agency will win * The amount of money is significant - not small claims * All attempts to collect (legally via FDCPA) have been met with a lack of payment If the collection agency has one or more attorneys on staff, they will be more likely to pursue borrowers in court as the expense to do so is lower with in-house counsel vs. retained counsel.

What is the statute of limitations on an unpaid debt in Washington state that a collection agency may pursue?

The limit on a recorded debt in Washington is set at 6 years. The start of that time frame is the last acknowledgement of the debt, which is a payment or communications.

What is the difference between charge off and collection?

collection i believe is a company that sets you on a payment plan to make it easier for you to pay. charge off you will never beable to get credit it is paid off but you will never be able to get a loan To my knowledge, charge off means the business charged it off as a loss and collection means they are pursuing the person for the money or paying an agency to pursue the person for the money.

What do you do about a bill from a collection agency for a bill you never owed?

Notify the collection agency in writing that the debt is invalid and the reason why. Keep a copy for yourself, and if possible send a copy to the original creditor.To save yourself some time and keep the best records, send any correspondence certified, return receipt, so the collection agency and the creditor cannot come back later and say, "We did not receive your letter." In the event that collections continues, and results in legal action, you can take your mail receipt with you to court, and likely as not the judge will dismiss the case and the creditor's ability to continue to pursue collections.

Do collection agencies offer discounts on debts?

That might be a bit optimistic, but possible. A collection agency will sometimes 'buy' debts from other companies, companies who consider the debt uncollectable. Maybe they just don't have the people or resources to pursue it, etc. So rather than writing the debt off completely, it is sold at a percentage of the total value, to a collection agency. This collection agency now pursues the debt. They may consider accepting a smaller payment from the debtor, as long as they are making a profit on the whole. However you will tend to find that the agency is most definately after a full payment, plus interest. If the agency is acting as a first or third party agent (pursuing the debt under the instruction of the owed company) then they may not be able to accept anything less because of their obligation to the company they are acting as an agent of.

What happens if you lose your job and cannot pay your credit card debt?

It may sound ridiculous, but unfortunately loss of income is not a valid defense for not paying ones debts. The creditor will attempt to collect the debt for a certain amount of time and then may sell the debt to a collection agency which will continue the action. Both the original creditor or the collection agency have the right to pursue legal action in the form of civil suit if they believe it to be warranted.

If during the repossess of a mobile home damage is done to surrounding structures does the landowner have any recourse?

Yes, he can sue the repossession agency or the home hauler for the damages. Some states also permit punitive damages. Additionally, if the landowner can prove malice, he may be able to pursue criminal charges as well.

Can a 9 year old debt be garnished by a collection company if you filed chapter 13 9 years ago and paid that same debt?

The answer is: Legally no...but! If you do note take specific steps to inform the collection agency that the debt was discharged in bankruptcy, they will move forward as if the debt is valid and can actually obtain a court judgment against you entitling them to collect. For example, if the collection agency sends you a letter saying you owe such and such and you choose to ignore them. Then they can rightfully assuming that their assertions are correct and proceed to sue you in court to obtain a money judgment. If you are faced with this situation, you should send a certified letter (return receipt requested) to the collection agency along with a copy of the information indicating that the debt has been dealt with in bankruptcy. Also send a certified letter to yourself with the same information. Keep both receipts, but do not open your letter when it comes back to you in the mail. Should the collection agency continue to pursue this debt with a lawsuit you can bring a counter suit against them fror fraud and you will most definitely be able to prove to the court that the collection agency does not have a valid claim.

If your debt is not included in the credit bureau can you be sued by the debtholder?

A debt does not have to be reported to a credit bureau in order for the business to pursue collections, sue or place the account with a collection agency. If a debt is owed, it can be collected by phone calls, letters, personal visits or through the court system.

How many years can a dept collection agency or lawyer pursue you for payment?

Typically the statue on collections runs out after 7 years. Which is the same amount of time it would take for a bankruptcy to clear from your credit record. So if you can handle the harassments and wage garnishings for 7 years go for it.

What legal right does a collection agency have to collect a debt after 7 years if the debt is no longer on your credit report?

The debt being dropped from the credit report has no bearing on the collector's rights to pursue recovery of monies owed. The creditor/collector can contact the debtor seeking payment for as long as they choose. Also, state SOL's for debt(s) apply only to lawsuits, not collection procedures.

In Texas can collection agency legally pursue a wife for payment arrangements if she is not on the account?

Yes, in most instances a spouse can be held accountable. Texas is a community property state, both spouses are considered to be equal owners of assets and equally responsible for debts regardless of which spouse incurred that debt.

What is the time limit imposed on a collection agency to validate a debt?

If you legally incurred the debt then you are responsible for it until it is paid. A company other than the company to which you were originally indebted may purchase the rights to your debt and you are responsible for paying them. There is no time limit on that debt. A collection agency can legally pursue you until the debt is paid in full. However, there is a time limit on the negative consequences of not paying the debt. In most circumstances that limit is seven years. Seven years from the time you became delinquent with your original creditor. Whether or not your debt was purchased by a collection agency, it should not be reported on your credit report or affect your credit score after seven years. The only time the debt could reappear is if you take an action on it. For example: In 1997 you applied for and received a store credit card and charged $1000 in merchandise. You did not pay the bill and after their attempts to collect the debt fail, the store sells your debt to a collection agency in 1998. That agency sells your debt to another agency in 2000. In the meantime, you pay all your bills on time and have an otherwise spotless credit history. In 2004 your $1000 debt will no longer appear on your credit report and your credit score will be higher because the old debt is no longer figured in the calculation. The collection agency is not doing anything illegal by contacting you regarding your debt. But it is no longer affecting your credit rating. In 2007 you pay $500 toward the debt. Your credit report would reflect you have a $500 debt to the collection agency and your credit score would drop. I hope this answered your question.

Can the bank send someone to your house if you have not paid your car note and tell you that you could go to jail?

If you are delinquent on your car note, and the lender has ordered repossession of the car, a repossession agent may come to your home or place of work and demand you surrender the vehicle. If you refuse, or attempt to hide the vehicle, you could, in some states be held criminally liable. The lender could pursue criminal charges against you for hindering their efforts to recover their property. You see, when you contract to make payments on a car, you do not own it, the lender does. You are in essence paying to use the car until the loan is paid in full.