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I know in California, once you get married, you share EVERYTHING. I would advise opening a separate checking account. Also, be careful if you own any property or vehicles together.

2011-09-12 14:40:27
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Q: Can a collection agency put a levy on a joint checking account in Texas if the debt was your spouse's prior to your marriage?
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Can a creditor or collection agency levy your spouses account if it was before we were married and I'm not on Her account?

I believe so - When you get married you assume all the debts.

What is the effect of conversation on a marriage?

Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.

Can someone press charges against their spouse for using their individual checking account in Florida?

If the spouses name isn't on the account, it's illegal. If the spouse signed your name, it's forgery.

Am I responsible for credit card debt or tax debt on death of spouse?

The estate of the spouse is responsible. IF both are on the same checking account then the FULL amount of that checking account can be considered the spouses estate too. Even if the account is closed just prior or just after death, then the amount in the account months prior is still considered a portion of the estate.

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When do spouses get children in The Giver?

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What is same-sex marriage?

Same-sex marriage is a legal status that confers on same-sex spouses all the same legal rights and responsibilities bestowed on opposite-sex spouses in a legal marriage.

Do you inherit your spouses debt after marriage in new york?

The debts are considered to benefit both spouses. They will have a responsibility to resolve them.

Can a husband open a bank account in both his name and spouses name without spouses consent?


Can you sue your spouse for writing checks on your own checking account?

Depends on the laws of the state you reside in, but if it is your own personal account, chances are that's forgery. Something to keep in mind is that if your spouses name is on the account in any way, then there is nothing you can do except discuss this problem with your spouse.

Should married couples get a joint checking account?

There are pros and cons to spouses sharing a joint account. In today's volatile economic climate, it is more adviasable to have separate accounts. If you wish to have a joint account, use it as a maintenance account for paying joint bills: mortgage, utilities, groceries, etc.

Is marriage and love a lie?

Only if one of the spouses are unfaithful.

Can two spouses turn away from their marriage when having social connection to other spouses and get married after their spouses death?

Well, it looks like English... I guess the answer is yes.

Can you direct deposit money into your spouses account without your name on the account?

yes i can.

Can spouses really change to save their marriage?

* Yes, some spouses can change to save their marriage, but in many cases they need marriage counseling. Some individuals refuse to both work together and face up to their own mistakes in a marriage and these individuals will never make a go of their marriage because it takes two to cause friction in a marriage and they must work together as one to improve upon the marriage.

Can you deposit a large check into your spouse's account that does not have your name on it?

Yes. There are no restrictions as to who can deposit cash into a checking account. Anyone can deposit cash into anyone else's account as long as they know the account number of the account into which they want to deposit cash. For ex: I can walk into the bank branch where you hold a checking account and deposit $500 into it if I know the account number. Nobody will ask or question me as to why I am doing so… Since in your case it is only your spouses' account no one is going to ask you anything. But, since the amount is high (as you say) she may have to show proof of income if the bank asks her to do so.

When you are legally married are you responsible for paying your spouse's credit card debt?

If the account is joint then both spouses are responsible for repayment. If the account was incurred during the marriage and is held by one spouse and the couple live in a community property state both spouse's are responsible for repayment. If the account was incurred during the marriage by only one spouse and the couple does not live in a community property state, only the spouse who is the account holder is responsible for repayment.

What are some problems with same-sex marriage?

Same sex spouses face many of the same problems faced by opposite sex spouses. If the marriage fails they must get a divorce and their property will be divided as in any legal marriage. In addition, they also must cope with discrimination, the ignorance of others, and officials who are not yet experienced in treating same sex spouses with all due respect.

Is it illegal to hack into your spouses email account?

Yes it is, if you don't have their permission.

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Are you responsible for unpaid debts of your spouses previous marriage?

No. Only debts you made together.

What si bigamy?

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Who has parental rights in a same-sex marriage?

States that permit same-sex marriage will list same-sex spouses on the birth certificate of any child born to either spouse during the marriage. In this case, as well as in cases of adoption, the parental rights belong to both spouses equally.

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There are two types of gifts that can be given by partners under a marriage or civil union contract. 'Inter vivos' are the gifts exchanged when both spouses are alive. 'Mortis causa' are those given upon the death of one of the spouses.

Is it illegal to hack your spouses facebook account?

It is very illegal to hack into anything.