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Q1) "If I offer to make a payment on this debt can they legally refuse it?"

Yes. They are under NO obligation to accept anything less than the original agreed amount. Simply, this means that you originally had a payment plan and breached it. They do not have to accept any other offered plan (or payments).

Q2) "I have heard that if a creditor refuses any type of payment on a debt that it was automatically considered paid in full. Is this true?"

NO!! NO!! NO!!

That is an old 'wives tail' that probably derived from the requirement that payments must be in 'legal tender' and if refused, the debt MIGHT be found as waived. For example, you can pay this debt (in full) in pennies, nickles, dimes, dollars, etc. If the creditor refuses these legal tenders, the debt MIGHT be found to be waived. However, the creditor is NOT obligated to accept less than the full amount, nor in non-legal tender (horses, hogs, chickens, etc.). ....more about it you can visit:

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Q: Can a collection agency refuse a payment?
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Can a collection agency refuse payment?

They can, if the payment offered is different than their demand, but only a poor;y run collection agency would refuse payment. If you play hardball and let them know all they'll get is what you're offering, it's likely they'll accept.

Can you make payment to a collection agency?


In Arkansas can a collection agency sue you if the original creditor accepts payment on the debt?

If the debt was sold to a collection agency and the original creditor accepted payment AFTER the debt was sold, the money does not belong to them. If, however, you paid the debt and it was mistakingly sol after that payment, the collection agency can't try to collect. If you have proof of payment, forward it to the collection agency and deman in writing that they cease trying to collect this debt.

Can a collection agency refuse to accept a check or money order for payment?

Generally any payment you send will be applied to your account. However if you are trying to send less than what you owe and marking it as "payment in full" or something similar it will more than likely be returned to you.

I have a medical bill for 168.00 that was sent to a collection agency after I made a payment. They are going to keep in the collection agency until my bill is paid off. This can not be right.?

If the bill was late enough to be sent to a collection agency, the collection of that bill has been turned over to that collection agency as well.

You owe 690.00 to a food vendor should you pay a collection agency?

No pay the vendor. If you pay the collection agency they will extract a fee from the payment and you will still owe the vendor

How do you pay a collection account?

Have the collection agency send a written agreement accepting the settlement or payment amount agreed upon BEFORE rendering any payment(s).

I live in CA and Im trying to make payment arrangements with a hospital. They want me to pay 450.00 up front or they will send me to collections. If I only have 100.00 to give them can they do that?

They can. But, you owe the hospital not the collections agency. If you pay $100.00 per month to the accounting department of the hospital, they arenot likely to refuse your payment, and will apply it toward your bill. If you continue to pay the hospital and refuse to discuss anything with the collection agency when they begin to call you, your bill is likely going to be paid in full by the time the collection agency can do anything but send you letters and call. Be careful and do not pay with a personal check. Pay by postal money order only. Paying by personal check gives your banking information to the hospital who in turn can pass this on to the collection agency. In the event they eventually obtain a judgment against you, the collection agency will already have the information they need to garnish your assets.

If you send a certified letter to a collection agency and they refuse letter what do you do next?

go shoot his ass LOL

How do you use the word collection in a sentence?

If you don't pay your credit card you will get a nasty call from a Collection Agency demanding immediate payment.

Can a collection agency sue if you do not refuse to pay?

If you are not refusing to pay and you pay the debt, they would have no reason to sue you. If you refuse to pay a valid debt, they may advise their client to sue you depending on what state you are in and what the laws are there. Some states only allow original creditors to sue and not the collection agency.

Is a collection agency obligated to remove debt from your credit report?

No! The only obligation of the collection agency regarding a debt is to accurately report the debt...i.e. balance outstanding, current status, and payment history. However, if you are paying or contemplating paying a collection agency, it would be wise to negotiate a positive outcome...i.e. the total removal of the account from your credit profile in exchange for payment. This should be negotiated prior to paying the collection agency and the agreement should be in writing.

Can a debt be classified as a judgment if you made a payment and the collection agency contacted you and you showed proof of payment and are paying the remaining balance?

if collection agency is not from your lender, but third party, then you need to fax them proof of your payments to your lender or financial insitution and have them send you a letter stating that they will not report you to credit bureau. and also have them contact the collection agency you are making payments. asian623

Should i send a collection agency proof of payment of debt?

with out a doubt. you would want them to update your CRA.

Can a late payment of an electric or cable bill lower your credit score?

Only if it goes to a collection agency.

What is commercial collection agency?

A Commercial Collection Agency is and agency that collects debt on behalf of their clients, same as a consumer collection agency, but a commercial collection agency collects business to business.

Who sent you to the collection agency?

I presume your question is "how did your debt wind-up at a collection agency". There are 2 methods: (1) the original creditor sold your account to an agency for a price that is a fraction of the outstanding balance on the account (so the collection agency now is your creditor legally), (2) the original creditor contracted with a collection agency to get you to make more payment on the debt than you have while interacting with the original creditor only. In either case, a collection agency is a company that makes a profit by getting debtors to make a payment of sufficiently greater amount (than they had been making to the original creditor) such that a greater return can be realized from this continued effort to collect the debt, and collection agencies usually are profitable companies. In my personal opinion, the first method (# 1 above) is used in the vast majority of delinquent debt collection situations. Any creditor organization of at least medium business size has enough staff to attempt to coax the debtor to make more payment, so there would be no reason to contract a collection agency to try again. That latter point being understood, collection agencies sometimes resell a debt account to another collection agency when they give-up on trying to get more payment from the debtor (and the account has not been settled).

Can a collection be taken off of a credit report if a payment plan is arranged?

Usually the collection agency won't take it off until the bill is paid in full.

Do you have to pay a bill from the collection agency for their collection fee when you paid your original bill in full directly to the company?

No, if the OC accepted your payment then it's case closed

I tried to make a payment to a bill collector they refused to take the payment. I went to the company that turned me in to collection they accepted the payment. what are my rights?

If the collection agency did not accept your payment, the debt should be discharged from their control. You might need to contact an attorney to make sure these debts are removed from your credit report. If you are making payments to the company that sent you to collections, they will need to remove you from the collections agency.

How do you find out who you owe if the collection agencies keep selling the account?

When a consumer receives a notice from a collection agency requesting payment of a debt, the consumer should always present to the agency a written request for confirmation of the debt owed.

What if collection agency won't accept payment that amount to 25 percent per month of the full debt?

By federal law and most collection agencies' policies, partial payments are not manditorily accpeted. Collection agencies are not required by law to accept anything less than payment in full. If the agency has refused 25% monthly of the full amount to be paid in full in four months, I reommend sending the payment with an explanation of this to the original creditor. Chances are your payment and arrangements will be accepted.

Can employer refuse verification of employment to collection agency?

Yes, if it is just an inquiry. The employer cannot, however disregard an order from the court.

Can a collection agencies add addtional charges to debt?

Yes.Collection agencies can add "administrative fees" and late-payment charges. It all depends on the agency of course...

Can collection agencies take you to the court?

Absolutely they can ! The only reason a person needs to deal with a collection agency, is because they defaulted on payments to the original company. That company passed the account to a debt-recovery agency, who paid the sum YOU owe to the original company. If you simply refuse to pay the collection agency, they have the legal right to take you to court to recover the debt !