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No, that's harrassment.

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Q: Can a collection agency try to collect a debt that has been discharged under chapter 7?
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Can a collection Agency collect a debt after a chapter 7 in Tennessee if it was accidentally omitted?

Any debt that was omitted from the Chapter 7 can be collected after the discharge of the bankruptcy. If the bankruptcy has not been discharged, you may sitll be able to add it to the list of debts. If however the stay has been lifted (the bankrutcy is discharged) then there is no protections and you are vulnerable.

Can a collection agency collect from a trust?


Can collection agency collect on vetrans?


Is it legal for a collection agency to purchase an account that has been discharged in Chapter 7 and report it as a charged off account?

As a general rule, "No". You need to be certain that the debt was actually discharged in the bankruptcy. If so, you should contact the attorney that handled the BK and have them forward the necessary information to the collection agency. Or you can send the documents yourself (COPIES of the discharge, etc.) and send them by registered mail to the agency.

Can a collection agency collect late fees interest?


Can a collection agency collect interest on your debt?

Yes, Collection agency can do that. But contact a good collection agency like Guardian Credit Services, they know will how to deal with customers to get money

You were an authorized user on your mothers account not a card holder and after her bankruptcy a collection agency is harassing you?

If you are an authorized user then it is not your debt but your mother's debt. Your mother's bankruptcy discharged (wiped out) the debt in question. The collection agency is not allowed to collect from you as, again, it is not your debt. This would not be the case if you were a joint debtor with your mother.

Can a collection agency collect for medical bills from a juvenile?

Yes, they can collect from the parents or legal guardian.

Can a collection agency sue you?

If a collection agency has either purchased the debt from the original creditor, or obtained an assignment of it from the original creditor (to collect on its behalf), generally, it can sue for collection.

Mortgage lates after filing chapter 7 Can a mortgage company report lates after filing of a chapter 7 and before a discharge?

Yes. That reporting to a credit agency of an item of fact, is not an attempt to collect the debt. Your not expecting you mortgage debt to be discharged are you?

Can an out of state collection agency collect in Wyoming?

Yes if they are licensed to do so

If the collection agency didn't collect anything from you do you still owe the collection agency anything in the state of Wisconsin?

Of course. If it's an unpaid debt, the collection agency owning the debt may try to collect it. And beware, they can track you down no matter what. However, they have to abide by certain rules, which are defined in the Fair Debt Collection Act.

Can a collection agency prosecute someone on supplemental security income?

A collection agency can collect from someone on social security or disability. If you incurred a debt, you can be prosecuted.

In Arkansas can a collection agency sue you if the original creditor accepts payment on the debt?

If the debt was sold to a collection agency and the original creditor accepted payment AFTER the debt was sold, the money does not belong to them. If, however, you paid the debt and it was mistakingly sol after that payment, the collection agency can't try to collect. If you have proof of payment, forward it to the collection agency and deman in writing that they cease trying to collect this debt.

What kind of service does a collection agency provide?

A collection agency is commissioned to collect money from those who have defaulted on credit card bills or loans. The agency tries to recover as much money as possible.

Can a collection agency collect outside of their licensed state?

Only if they are licensed in another state and only if that state requires a license. If no license is required, any agency can collect there.

If you settled a debt with a collection agency can another collection agency sue you for the remainding debt?

NO. Once you enter into an agreement with a collection agency no one else can collect against that debt. If you have other debts outstanding not covered in the agreement then another agency may be authorized to try and collect those debts. Collections agencies do not sue people. They can ask the courts to award a judgment or wage garnishment in order to help collect bad debt.

What is a second party collection agency?

A second party collection agency is an agency trying to collect a debt that is owed to someone else. If for example, you owe on a store credit card from ABC store, they may turn the debt over to another agency that has nothing to do with them. This is a second party collection agency.

Can a collection agency in America collect monies outside the jurisdiction for small amounts -such as the annual maintenance fees on a timeshare?

a collection agency can collect where ever they need to. they purchased the debt from the timeshare company (to use your example). what i don't know is if they can impact your credit if for instance you were in the US and the collection agency or timeshare company is out of the country.

If you owe a company money and it is placed in collections can you pay the original company or do u have to pay the collection agencies?

You have to pay the collection agency. The original company has a signed contract with the collection agency and they pay the collection agency a % of what they collect from you. That's how they make their $$. The original company did not want to have the outstanding balance on their books.

If a creditor uses a collection agency to collect on a debt do you still have to receive some kind of statement?

No. The collection agency will validate the amount for you if need be, but the creditor no longer owes you the courtesy of a statement.

Can a collection agency try to collect on 9 year old bank account fees in California?


Can a collection agency try to collect a debt after 7 years?

They can send you a letter, but they cannot sue you.

Can a collection agency collect from someone on disability And if not how do you stop them?

I used to work for a collection agency, and as far as I remember, no you can't. That would be like trying to garnish a social security check. I don't think they can do that.

Can collection agency collect or report if charge off accounts are deleted after 7 yrs?

Attempt to collect: yes they can attempt to collect long after the 7yr tradeline expiration date. Report: no since the very first account default triggers the 7yr deletion timer not when the collection agency receives it from the original creditor.